How do you end a bad work week?

Monday, June 27, 2011

... You set your entire department into a round of photoshoot.

The entire last week had been a terrible one for the entire department, even though we are all handling different accounts and clients.

For me, I'm glad that all of my clients are nice. (Took me a minute to think through each and every client before I use the absolute "all" term, lol.) I guess it's also good that our company protects us in a way... that we don't do bad clients.

But, bad clients are everywhere. I've heard of cases where they were terminated by the agency, but went around telling people that they fired the agency; I've also heard of cases where clients refuse to pay up after the agency completed their contract with them.

I guess it works the same everywhere, but we're glad that we've survived the very little of these nonsense, fortunately!

I had more problems dealing with vendors more than clients, to be honest. But since it's about work, I wouldn't wanna say more. A lot of these things are better off keeping within the industry, right? :)

So I was saying, nothing beats ending a terrible work week with a series of photo shoot with my whacky colleagues again!

There's no theme this time, because it's not the first Friday of the month. But obviously that didn't stop us from posing and pouting in front of the camera lol.

 Us acting cute. Dunno why act cute must bend down though LOL.

 Using the chair as a prop. Daen is looking REALLY sultry in here.

 Still trying to perfect the couture-look, but still fail. -__-

 Daen is officially the worst photographer I've ever met.

But he's a darn good model I'd say. He's spotting the Bipolar series from Depression.

So hello Monday, here we go again.

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