How about a holiday... At LADDALAND?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

With compliments to Golden Village and Omy, Nian and I caught our first ever horror movie for the year.

By the way, I try not to watch horror movies because I get terribly freaked out before the show, during the show AND after the show... thanks to my over active imagination.

I don't know, don't you guys imagine really freaky things happening to you, while you're watching really freaky things happening to those people in the screen? My favourite imagination would be an invisible (or sometimes bloody, depending on the genre of the movie) hand grabbing my ankles from the cinema seat.

Sometimes, my imagination varies - the detached hands may be tapping on my shoulders... or tickling me behind my neck. D:

I know right.

Ok, back to Laddaland.

Based on a true story about a housing development in Chiang Mai that was eventually abandoned after a series of unexplained deaths.

I'm not sure if the housing development is in Laddaland itself, but Laddaland is a real place in Chiang Mai. It is now abandoned because, similar to the storyline, a maid was murdered in a house. Her body was stuffed in the storage room under the stairs for two whole months.

The maid continued to make appearances around the house, watering the plants, doing household chores. None of the villagers knew that she was dead, and all they saw was but an apparition.

One day, one of the neighbours shouted at the "maid" to clear the house because the stench was unbearable, and that there could be a dead rat rotting somewhere. When the smell persisted, the neighbours reported to the police and that was when the body was found. (Actual story, not reflected in the movie.)

It was said that the maid still hung around at the very house, as shown in the movie too. You can read more real stories about Laddaland as you scroll down.

In terms of fear factor, the movie grips you hard because you knew exactly what was coming - you just didn't know how in-the-face it will be. There are quite a bit of sudden apparitions of various ghosts, with accompanying loud music to guarantee scaring you off your seats.

They've also used the black cat prop well. It was so spooky, my Kiki and Koko look like Hello Kitties beside it. -___-

Apart from the maid, the movie also discussed about how this man killed his entire family because he was upset at his failed business. The deceased family is the neighbour of the lead family...

Whose son plays very often with the little boy of the lead family. Things just get freakier when the ghosts lured the little boy (in picture) to the two haunted houses (one where the maid is, the other where the entire family died).

The story ended in a rather sad tone. In fact, it was so sad that it kinda overrode the entire movie as a sad movie, instead of a horror movie for me. Like suddenly, those ghosts were not even scary anymore.

Personally, I thought the transitions of each character were very obvious. While I'm looking for the answers as we move along in the movie, I realized that... there were no answers at all.

For example, while the movie is about a maid who got murdered, there was no explanation to it. The movie didn't explain why she died, how she died... or who killed her, despite elaborating her murder to a huge detail. Shortly after the family of ghosts appeared, this maid disappeared... without a trace.

It was like she rested in peace and never appeared again or something.

Movie rating: 3/5

Here are some real life pictures of Laddaland:

Above: The Banyan Tree of Laddaland

There's a story behind this banyan tree. It was said that there was this pair of lovers went to the Banyan tree to ask for the fulfillment of love.

However, the guy's parents could not accept his partner - because she was a ladyboy. Both then decided to end their lives by hanging under the tree.

Many people have claimed sightings of the pair, under the tree during their death anniversaries.

Laddaland is out in Golden Village on 9 June 2011. Do go grab a watch if you'd like to experience a freaky weekend!

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  1. ok u just creep the freak outta me. Thanks !

  2. Haha! I think Shutter (by the same director) is scarier.

    Every time I get a neckache, i think of that scary girl on the shoulders... D:

  3. Looks like a really scary movie....

  4. just saw the movie..never thot i would cry in a horror movie..

  5. Alvin, have you caught the movie yet? :D

    Anon, at which part did you cry? I thought the part where the father pulled the daughter in to prove that there was no ghost was really scary. D:

  6. where is the actually village located in chiang mai, thailand?

  7. @Anon, I've no idea where is the actual village, but if you want to find, I'm sure the locals will know! D: (but... try not to go. So dangerously haunted!)

  8. It's a pretty good horror movie. The story is good, but at the same time very predictable. The scenes are very well timed and the ghosts are really scary. (although I laughed at the first maid ghost that entered the house and tried going out the door only to face the protagonist and bashing him with a bottle that was really stupid lol) I strongly agree with you, I kept looking for answers, like why did the maid was killed, who killed her, what happened in ladda land prior to the lead family moving in, why is there spooky things happening, etc. But none of these was tackled, explained or whatever. I have better things in mind for the ending but it didn't happened, so I was kinda disappointed. It shifted from horror to drama, and it took away the 1hour and 50 mins of fright in just 10 mins or so. Anyways, it's still a must watch movie, never had a movie scared me in a while.

  9. I thought the ending would go like:

    as the father loses his job, and obviously can't get a new decent job that pays enough salary to pay his mortgage and expenses. At the same time, the husband and wife is going thru alot of things... the husband is jealous to his wife's former boss, the wife is upset with the husband's actions and being secretive with his job loss. The daughter who is very rebellious is also a major problem. All of this results in the father killing all of his family members as well. Very much like their previous neighbor, and it goes on like a cycle.


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