[Adv] Crizal's After-sales Service - AWESOME

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nian wears his glasses very often. More often than not, he is very anal about the clarity of his lens, because some lenses just flares too much and it affects his vision.

This was why when we have Crizal sponsoring our lenses, we were absolutely elated. If you don't already know, Crizal has the ability to resist the following five evil elements commonly found on spectacle lenses:

This is very important because it will reduce the strain in your eyes. Strained eyes will result in a higher chance of worsened myopia... which I'm sure none of us would want it.

Nian loves his new pair of glasses very much - apart from loving the frames that was chosen by me for him, he loves his new vision with Crizal lens too.

In fact, he loves them so much he wears them everywhere he goes:

Climbing the 73 storeys of Swissotel and coming in first with Crizal lens

Beating the glare of the strong Australian sun with Crizal lens

Riding against the torrential rain in Phuket with Crizal lens

Fighting the oil and grease while cooking for his wife with Crizal lens

So imagine his frustration when he realized that there were very fine scratches on his lens. You see, Crizal lens is scratch resistant, but not scratch proof.

Over the months, through wear and tear, the scratches are imminent. :(

To cheer him up, I brought the glasses back to Capitol Optical where we had our Crizal glasses fitted, just to check if there's anything they can do for him. They informed me that the 1-year warranty does not usually cover wear and tear, but they will do their best for me.

I left Speckies over there and we hoped for the best. Roughly 2 weeks later, Capitol Optical called to get me to pick up the pair of glasses.

When I saw them, my eyes lit up. It was as good as new! Thanks to the helpful people from Capitol Optical and Crizal, Nian can now have flawless vision again! =D

Us, on our way to Perth. Fighting the dry air with Crizal lens!

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