[Adv] A New Twist To Job-Hunt

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've never liked job hunting. Apart from the (probably embarrassing) fact that you're officially a bummer and you need to get up and start hunting for a job so that you get some food, I also dread sending out resumes.

Oh, those boring-nothing-but-words resumes.

Truth to be told, sending your potential employers a fantastic resumes is nothing. Why would I say that? Because:-

1. You could get someone to write it for you. Or, grab someone else's resume and start editing from there. In half-an-hour, you'd have a professional looking resume.

2. It is never a clear representation of you, because you always write the good points about yourself, and on a piece of paper, you can hardly see the flaws of the person - unless of course their grammar sucked.

This is probably why some very smart HR people then developed the "interview", where you head down after being selected, and get talked to. But employers who are reading this post now, how much time have you wasted, getting people down for interviews, only to realize that NONE of them fits the post at all????

And that's where even smarter people from Prevview developed the Visume.

Imagine you're an employer. You need to look for a sales executive. Someone sends you a resume. It says: "Speaks good English and Mandarin."

Someone else, sends you a video?

If I were you, I'd think the video would definitely make a more lasting impression than a plain ol' font size 12 Arial text.

Dedicated Page

Prevview's Visume gives you exactly what you need - a platform where you can express your true self. Can you only speak good English and Mandarin, or are you that legendary salesman who can sell a simple brick for $250,000?

Of course, there are people who boasts. "Oh! I've been to Harvard and I have an MBA with them!"

Really? Prove it with Prevview's. You can upload your portfolios, certs and everything else relevant to prove that whatever you've been saying in your video, ain't just blank talk.

Visumé Guide

Many people are hesitant about uploading videos because they are so troublesome. Well, the Prevview people have given that a thought too. Let me assure you, you'd get all of these done in just 5 steps.

Don't worry about the uploading part - worry about making an impressive video that would etch on your potential employer's mind.

Privacy Settings

Nobody else but me knows how important it is for privacy settings. If you're like me, where people are interested in where you work and what you do, you'd probably not wanna get caught looking for a job, while still working.

Well, congrats because not everyone can view your videos and certificates!

All profiles are viewable only by Prevview's registered Employers. What’s more, the edgy technology ensures that employers will not be able to save any of your videos on their computers.

Interested and ready to go already?

Then take part in Prevview's Visume Wars! As long as you're between 18 to 35 years old, you can send in a Visume of yourself through this link [CLICK].

You might stand a chance to win an iPad 2, or a job, or both!

Remember to wear proper attire when you are filming the video! Try to put on some make up if you're a girl, and do speak clearly, and don't use Singlish! :D

Wanna find out what my dream job is?

Watch my Visume:

Anybody wanna hire me? :P

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Thank you!

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  1. I definitely won't hire you as the your visume fails to load

  2. Cannot load meh! I just looked at my video and it loaded very well!


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