[Adv] In a few weeks' time, FAT will no longer be a word in my dictionary!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whenever someone is angry with me, they would always use the word "fat" on me.

Actually, it doesn't matter whether they are angry with me or not, some just thought it's funny to use the word "fat" on me. Like, "Oh! I don't need to ask Jac whether she has eaten, look at her figure, she obviously has!"

It. is. absolutely. annoying.

I don't mind if someone's angry with me and calls me fat - at least I'm not stupid, or ugly - which is worse because there are actually effective ways to slim down, as compared to the latter two that is harder to correct.

So I prayed very hard. In fact, I worked out as hard as I prayed hard - because the wedding is coming in a few months' time, and I CANNOT be fat - unlike other ordinary times!

God must have heard my prayers because apart from having the sudden determination to control my calorie intake, he sent Marie France Bodyline to me.

Who knows, if you don't read thesuper-girl.com enough, you'd wonder why Christy Chung took over the blog!

This body is not too far away!

When Marie France Bodyline presented me an opportunity to try out their high-tech weight loss programme, I was sold.

What do you mean, of course it's YES I would leave my fats with you!!! Take them away from me!

With the other bloggers, all of us were invited to one of their biggest outlets out of seven of them all over Singapore - the International Building at Orchard Road.

The other six locations are at Marina Square, Jurong Point, Woodlands Civics Centre (very convenient for me!), Siglap, Bishan Central and Tampines.

Brightly-lit corridors with conducive therapy rooms

The set-up of the room is very important to me because it shows how professional a company is. With a small and crampy room, a customer can hardly rest and relax!

I've been to one not long ago, apart from a not-so-convenient location, the room I was shown to was so small, my therapist had to walk sideways to get around me. Uh-uh. *shakes head*

In Marie France Bodyline, as you can see from above, the corridor is brightly lit and spacious. They've got VIP rooms as well, which was simply perfect! Inside the room, it's very conducive. There were no harsh lighting, and it smells good even!

As you can see, the room is so spacious you could stand two therapists and have plenty of room to spare. In the picture above, Marie France Bodyline is showing us their latest technology that will help in losing stubborn flabs, especially in the tummy area.

I've already been to my first treatment, which I would cover in detail in my next Marie France entry. For now, all I can say is that the experience was so comfortable, I never knew losing weight can be THIS easy.

State-of-the-art Machines

Unlike other slimming companies where their machines are their trade secrets, Marie France Bodyline is very open about what type of machines they use. As you can see, they even allowed us, bloggers, to snap a picture of it.

You should see how surprised I was when I asked Fiona, the in charge, whether I could snap a picture of the machine. She just went, "Of course! Go ahead!"

I guess this is a classic example of "If you're good, you've nothing to hide".

In case you wanna know, this machine is Marie France's latest V'Pro System.

Featuring an advanced ELOS (Electro Optical Synergy) technology, the V'Pro System combines 4 scientifically proven treatment modalities into one remarkable treatment:

1. Infrared Light - induces a deep heating of the underlying fats and tissues, and kick-start the body's ability to burn off excess fat and revs up blood circulation.

2. Bi-polar Radio Frequency - treats subcutaneous fat tissues, and increases metabolism by releasing stored energy in fat cells.

3. Vacuum Therapy - improves blood and lymph circulation while stimulating fibroblast and collagen production giving highly-visible body toning benefits.

4. Rollers Massaging - enhances lymphatic drainage, riding excess body fluids and reducing cellulite, smoothing out skin dimpling dramatically.

The benefits are further amplified with the application of 2 proprietary formulations (V'Pro Body Peel & V'Pro Contour Gel). These 2 formulations are developed with Nano Platinum Delivery System, and are able to neutralize negative charges on the skin as they transport highly functional active ingredient into the deeper cellular layers. [Source]

Other services

I'm not a stranger to weight loss programmes. Over the years writing at thesuper-girl.com, I've been given the opportunity to review some weight loss centres. Having those as benchmark, I've to honestly say that I went into Marie France Bodyline with very high expectations.

Afterall, they ARE the slimming professional, right? :)

I was surprised not only once throughout the entire walk-through. In fact, they caught me off-guard twice, in a good way.

While there are slimming centres where you can walk in and tell them exactly where you wanna lose, and they will work exactly where you tell them, Marie France Bodyline actually backs the advice up with proper readings off several machines.

No more "Oh, I think you should lose your bum because they are too big" without checking if you are really meaty, or you just happen to have huge hip bones.

With this Body Composition analysis, they could accurately tell me how much weight I should lose.

You don't need to focus on everything, just look at those circled ones - where my therapist informed me that I have to do something about it as it will not only wreck my figure, it may jeopardize my health in time to come too.

For example, while I'm having a normal weight, I have too much body fat percentage. Average girls should only have about 28% body fat, while I have a whopping 34%. You all can drain me now to stir fry vegetable, thanks.

My waist-hip ratio is also at a relatively high-end - which also means I have to do something about it because a high waist-hip ratio often means a high chance of contracting heart diseases.

For the third circle where they circled my right arm and left arm? It shows that the muscles are under-developed. -____- So urm, if you girls think I've got toned arms, LOL think again! :P

All in all, my fitness score is 73, which is pretty okay, thank goodness. The ideal would be about 80, I guess. My ideal weight for my height is about 57.7KG. This may seem to be really heavy for some of you, but do put my height into consideration ok! (We didn't measure my height, I just gave a low estimate, since I tend to thread around 1.66m to 1.68m.)

And most importantly, it's good to have some flesh. That's sexy. Not stick-thin because that's not good for health either.

In my next Marie France Bodyline entry, I'd be going in depth about my first treatment with them. They targeted at my love handles. Maybe I can show you the AFTER pictures... if I'm brave enough LOL.

Stay tuned! :)

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