[Adv] The First Consultation with Marie France Bodyline

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

 Two Fridays ago, I went down for my first consultation with Marie France Bodyline. In case you've missed the whole #mariefrancebodyline hash tag I've been using on my Twitter, let me refresh you on what has been going on.

You see, I've been sponsored by Marie France Bodyline for my slimming sessions in preparation for my wedding. You can read my tour experience here!

After the tour session, we headed down proper to the measurements and all. To keep all my very enthusiastic friends and readers updated, I actually live-tweeted while I was in the treatment. LOL!

Measurements were done on my waist, tummy, hips and left and right thighs. It was very obvious that I am just another pear-shaped woman. :)

One important thing I must, must, must let my readers understand, is that you must always love your body. Doesn't matter whether it's fat or thin, you have to love yourself.

I mean, obviously I sound a little "what-the-hell", since I'm the one going through a slimming procedure now.

How "loving" can I be with myself? Stop preaching, Jac.

But that's not true. You can love your figure, but you must love your health more. If your health is at risk because of your figure, then it's time to do something about it!

So after they took my horrifying measurements, my therapist suggest I go through a treatment to focus on getting rid of my love handles.

Basically, the process is rather pain-free and rather sleep-inducing. I was asked to lie down on the bed, while my therapist starts messaging me with the ultrasonic machine for about 18 minutes.

After which, she massaged me with Marie France's Anti-Cellulite Serum for a cool 20 minutes or so... and I almost fell asleep.

Finally, while drifting away in dreamland, my therapist woke me up and started wrapping me up with Marie France's Signature Body Wrap.

Hahaha and this is an image that is Not Safe For Work that I've posted. The Signature Wrap feels really cooling initially, and then it got slightly hot.

It still feels comfortable though! I was basically just sitting down in the changing room, chilling, playing with Words with Friends while the wrap does its magic.

About 20 minutes later, I was able to clean up, changed into my clothes again, and I left Marie France Bodyline feeling somewhat a little lighter physically, and emotionally. It had definitely been an uplifting and relaxing treatment every woman deserves. :)

For my next appointment, I was arranged to target on my tummy. Instead of 1 therapist working on me this time round, I was pampered with two of them who massaged my tummy and thighs alternately.

I also had my first experience with the Thermal Bed, which is somehow like those heated beds we have in Australia during winter!

For that, I'll share more details in my next #mariefrancebodyline post next week. Stay fit and healthy!


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