PR Personnels ARE Fashionable, I say.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Our May theme was supposed to be uniforms... which we were all too lazy to buy them from Bibi and Baba. I told my colleagues that my uniforms were from Yangtze, but nobody believed me lor!

Anyways, we changed the theme into Colour Blocking. Can I say that this is the next most difficult theme, after the Korean theme we had last month?!

Colour Blocking was "the" Spring/Summer for 2009. Along with the fashion trends for 2011, we've mixed and match our style of colour blocking!

I think Daen and Yining brought out the colourblocks the best, given that they had funky yellow tee, blue jackets and pink pants (for Daen) and brown pants for Yining!

I did a black/white colour block attempt... as you can see.

Our next theme will be Retro... and I honestly cannot wait for our July's theme - Harry Potter.

Imma come as Voldermort. HAHAHAHAHAHA! (Ok, just kidding. It's really hard to look that ugly, you know.)

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