Our Staycation at Swissotel Stamford

Monday, May 02, 2011

Last year, Nian and I took part in the Swissotel Vertical Marathon once again. It was his 4th time (I think!) while it was 2nd attempt for me.

And it went really well for us because Hubba came in first for his category, clocking only 9 mins and 15 seconds to scale 72 floors. (Btw, the champion for Men's Opens was 8mins 19 sec, so Nian was only a minute behind!)

So part of the awesome prizes he walked away included a 2D1N stay at the Swissotel, which we decided to use it over the long weekend last week.

It was a beautiful room on the 20th floor (we would definitely have loved a much higher floor, but they were unfortunately filled out that day). Lying on our bed first, is my bed-buddy, Huffalump the Elephant.

There's a story behind this elephant actually! But I'll leave that to another day. :)

Relatively well furnished, the TV was loaded with quite a variety of channels, which we stayed up to watching Harry Potter on HBO, after our short drinking session at Chijmes while watching the Man Utd game. =D

I was quite glad that Man Utd won that day! It's like... having an awesome dessert after an already delicious dinner, if you get what I mean. The icing of the cake. The ice of the cold drink. The sunshine of the perfect day.

It just makes everything even better! Ok, more pictures:

As compared to the Changi Village Hotel where we spent a weekend at last August, the bathroom at Swissotel pales in comparison. But then again, we are comparing apples to oranges, because at CVH we were staying in their suite.

I really like the shower gel and shampoo provided by Swissotel - it's Lavender flavoured, and it relaxes both Nian and I so much, we practically slept/lazed around the room the entire day. =) (Apart from that, we also soaked ourselves in the bath tub and played with bubbles. HAHAHA!)

Other times, we chilled by our balcony, listened to the wind blow and just spent time talking. Love it.

Definitely one of the most relaxing weekends I've ever had in a long time! Thank you honey, for coming in first, and for such a lovely arrangement for the both of us. =) Love you nong time!

Cream safari shirt on me, with compliments to The Closet Ville. :)

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