Our Last Wedding Dinner for 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Because our wedding dinner is inching closer by the day, our family thinks that it is better for us to stay away from other wedding ceremonies so that our good luck doesn't clash... and then probably cancel out each other or something.

Same goes for pregnant ladies I guess, like you're not supposed to be attending wedding dinners or something when you are expecting because your good luck (from the baby, I suppose) will clash with the couple's good luck, and then cancel out and then you're probably left with bad luck to share between the two couples.

I'm not really sure either but we'd rather believe it than to try it, right? I don't want to have bad luck all the way! D:

As such, the union of Dickson and Rachel will be the last wedding we will be attending until our wedding is over.

I really like their second march-in, where they came in singing Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. It's one of the songs we've selected for our wedding too, because the lyrics are pretty apt for us. =)


Nian and I like to wear matching colours when we attend wedding dinners. :P I dunno why, we just like it! And although we don't specifically buy matching clothes (as in we don't buy in a pair), finding matching colours don't seem to be very difficult for us.

So on Saturday, we decided on yellow. We've worked purple together before, which I think it's the hardest because purple shirts are very hard to find!

We've also worn black, which is very common, blue... and pink too, I think!

But of course, we keep this matchy-matchy thing strictly to weddings. On usual days if you happen to bump into us in similar colours, that would be a coincidence that none of us planned. :P

This yellow get-up has to be one of my favourites amongst all the other colours. Maybe we should try more daring colours!

I dunno what colours are brighter than yellow already, but maybe we'll look funny in orange or something. :P

Funnily for us, Dickson and Rachel invited a guest who very nearly outshone them.

Very nearly, I'd say. Almost all the guests wanted to take a picture with him! And he took my twitterville by storm when I announced that Yam Ah Mee is just sitting at the table next to mine.

Everyone was hoping he would make a speech or something, but it didn't happen. LOL. I can imagine what a standing ovation he'd probably have if he does!

Review on Grand Hyatt

Anyways, I thought I'd share this here, because many friends are getting married and are looking at venue bookings. To be honest, I won't choose Grand Hyatt if I can throw in my opinion. With the hall fitting up to about 40 tables, most of the tables at the back are blocked by pillars.

If you're looking for a hall with straight march-in, high ceiling and pillar-less, this ballroom will fail in all aspects. And, their sound system was so bad, the live band had to pause for a while before resuming. Only the speakers at the front seem to be working when they played the morning express too. :(

However, the food was really pretty good. If you're a fan of sharks fins soup (I hope not!), you will like the broth because it was filled with loads of yummy goodies, such as scallops, crab roe etc.

The food is fresh and the service is good. :)

Other hotels I won't consider are:
- Grand Park City Hall - they have really weird entrance for the bride and groom
- Pan Pacific - their ballrooms are "portrait-style" instead of "landscape-style". That means your guests right at the end won't be able to see what is going on at the front. I don't remember any projector screens.
- Furama Riverfront - just because it is located right beside a nightclub. And we had a friend who had a wedding there, and they served stale fish. The hotel waived off the charges for the fish for all tables after receiving the complain.

Are there any hotels you won't consider? I know some are terrified of Hilton too, because of the case where the groom plunged to his death & ghostly stories start emerging ever since.

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  1. haaah.. Good thing I have already told you beforehand that I will not be attending your wedding!! It just wouldn't be nice!!

    But please know that I will help in anyway I can for your wedding preps ok!! Wishing you a happy marriage in advance!!


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