Kungfu Pandaaaaa YA-DAAAAA!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday, Nian and I caught the sequel of Kungfu Panda and it was totally a great choice!

The only downside is that the entire cinema was filled to the brim with very excited kids. And when kids are excited, they talk NON-STOP. -___-

"Why the panda so fat daddy!!!"

"Why the tigress like man!!!!"

Why, why, why, why and why.

Oh, right. The movie.

It. was. HILARIOUS!!!

My favourite part has to be the Chinese Dragon part (as in trailer. Wouldn't wanna post a spoiler!)

This sequel talks about Po finding out about his family. Why his father (the crane who sells noodles, remember?) isn't a panda as well.

Very heartwarming at the same time. =)

The ending was rather abrupt, very clearly indicating that there will be Kungfu Panda 3. I'm beginning to appreciate the THE END at the end of the movie.

These days, shows like Fast 5 had this "continued" part at the end, right after the credits. -__- I mean, who stays behind after the credits??? How many people actually DO see this continued part? Not to mention, it actually annoys me a lot to find out that there's another part that I didn't see because I was battling the queue to the toilet. -______-

Anyways, rants aside, I think this is a good movie to catch over the weekend for a good laugh! Next up, gotta catch Pirates of the Carribean before it ceases screening.

Have a great weekend! :)

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