THE Kota-Tinggi Trip

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So on Sunday, a whole bunch of us went into Desaru and Kota Tinggi for a day of seafood lunch, seafood dinner, go-karting, some frisbee games, saw crocodiles, played by the waterfall... and the highlight of the day, was our virgin fireflies viewing session.

It was mad fun! Basically, we went around in two little mini-buses. One of which has its air-con failed on us, so most of us squeezed onto the other mini-bus, which kinda broke down because it went out of battery. LOL.

And yes, it's battery, not fuel. I think we left the radio on for too long. ;p

We started the day with really awesome breakfast - from a range of dim sum to yong tau fu, you'd name it, they'd have it!

Nian and I shared a plate of nasi lemak served with very yummy yong tau fu soup... All for only $4. *burp*

The bus then brought us to a really ulu part of the Desaru beach, where it was empty, and had a home-made swing!

All of us took bloody loads of photos with the swing... and we were greatly entertained like that already! But of course, there's no way we'll leave without a proper jump shot photo.... as you can see!

The men did it too, and Smith was mad funny with his pose!

Yong Wei had a hard time jumping... as you can see, too. :P

After burning calories in jumping, we went straight to the go-kart area, where thanks to Mint-Mama, we only paid friggin RM10 for like 3 rounds around the circuit!

We spent a good 2 whole hours there, before we were driven to the seafood restaurant to nom seafood. There were PLENTY of shell fish for us to mutilate - from prawns to crabs and even lobsters!

*tears in happiness*

Haiya.. you can see the word GREEDY written all over my face lor!

We then took another 30 minutes bus ride (sleeping in the process - eat, sleep, eat, sleep, grow fat.) to the Crocodile Farm!

Whoa, there were so many crocs, the number of visitors will probably not be enough to feed all of them I tell you.

We also saw a freakin 200 year old croc who is so old, it has no teeth!

Headed to the Kota Tinggi Waterfall, where everyone got wet because we were all wading in the waters... those cooling, refreshing water!

After spending the entire evening at the water, all of us showered and headed to the highlight of the trip: Watching fireflies!!!

Because the fireflies generally live very near marsh areas, we would have to take a boat and watch them from the river... which explains the life jackets we were all wearing. =)

I was very, very excited because it was my first time seeing fireflies! That's the bad thing about being a city kid I guess, while people used to catch fireflies for past time, it is the first time for me to see one... at 25 years old. -___-

Nian saw these glow worms before when he was at Australia, in an army exercise. But the both of us had never caught them before, and you'd bet I was itching for some fireflies action!

Eventually, after the half an hour of boat ride, the fireflies were in full bloom! Mint-Mama said that we were lucky because the weather was kinda hot, and there wasn't much moonlight. It's the best time for them to come out to mate... and they lit up the trees like it was Christmas!

Some of the fireflies flew into our boat, where we were squealing like kids. They don't fly very fast, in fact, most of them "float" more than they fly.. So it was very easy catching them.

In the end, Nian and I caught those little shiny bugs and we transferred from one hand to another, laughing and giggling like little kids.

It was a fantastic trip I must say! Thanks to Mint, who invited us along. Everyone was fun-loving, funny and enthusiastic, it was perfect!

More pictures up... if I have the time ok? In the meantime, enjoy your evening everyone! Go and try looking for some fireflies here!

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  1. Nice photos. Which photo software did you use?

  2. Thanks for sharing. That's so kind of you :)


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