If I Have The Time...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ever since work started for me almost 7 months ago, it took up majority of my time. In the past where I was still studying and giving tuition part time, you'd catch me taking afternoon naps and all... life was pretty carefree then lol.

Not that I don't enjoy working life; almost everyone goes through with it. But I must say I really miss the times where I wonder what I should do for the day, because there was absolutely nothing lined up for me! Gosh, life of a bummer. Heeheehee.

There are many things that had to go, so as to make time for this 10-hour schedule every weekday. For example, I've ran lesser this year.

And that's just one of the few things that I've almost stopped doing for quite a while. So if I have the time, here are some of the things I'd love to do, to catch up with my bummer-life.

1. Play netball

Missed playing it totally. What else can I say? I've only played once this entire year, and we're coming to almost half of 2011 already. I'm looking forward to wearing the GA bib again, and shooting some goals!

2. Bake cakes

I love baking. Barely a year or two ago, I was in such a baking frenzy I made cakes every other week. The above was Nutella cuppies that I made, and some of my favourite included Raspberry Vanilla cake. If I have the time, I'd definitely want to warm up my baking bug in me in preparation for our new house! (Nian is planning to get me an oven, complete with all sorts of baking tools. I'd really want to put it to great use!)

And and and, I want to try to make some cake pops. =D

Also, I've tasted a not-so-well-done cake yesterday, and it made me terribly upset because I went a long way to pick it up. Eating terrible cakes makes me wanna bake them myself just to tell people that... it's really harder to make terrible tasting cakes than yummy ones. :(

3. Cook

To be fair, despite starting work, I have been cooking - albeit not as regular as compared to the past. In this aspect, I'm hoping to explore other types of cooking: making cutesy bento sets, for example.

I also want to learn to make wonderful curry because I LOVE curries. Yum yum.

4. Play my Wii and PS3 (!!!!)

Gahhhhhhh the Raving Rabbids and Little Big Planets are like majorly collecting dust in our wardrobe. We stopped playing our Wii because the set wasn't kept properly and was left in the living room. Koko came along... and bit off the connecting wire to the motion censor -____-

I'm looking forward to buy a replacement for the censor (preferably a wireless one and KEEP IT IN THE ROOM, so that it is out of reach for Koko!) and then start playing that crazy Raving Rabbids again. :D

So what about you guys? What is the thing you'd wanna do most if you have extra hours to spare?

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