And... we bought our bed

Monday, May 16, 2011

On Saturday, to be exact.

Gotta thank the hubba for all his research that led us to this King Koil place along Thomson. We snagged ourselves a queen-sized King Koil Med Care Ortho Comfort Pocket Spring.

Priced at $2,088 for the mattress alone, both Nian and I spent 2 hours convincing and bargaining the sales lady and after the breath-taking bargaining...

We secured everything for $2,000. Inclusive of a customized bed frame that is rather similiar to the one in the picture as well.

To be honest, I think the auntie is quite a dishonest saleswoman. Initially, she threw in two King Koil Hollow-filled pillow for free, which according to her, costs $20 each. We slept on the pillow and didn't like it at all. She didn't mention anything about the pillows going out of shape until we asked... and immediately, she took back her free gift and recommended us to get the Micro-gel pillow instead, which she said costs $100 each.

Went to Giant the next day and saw that it was retailing at $30+ wtf. -__- Luckily we didn't pay for them!

She also threw in a bolster and a mattress "protector", which is pretty standard based on the places we've been to.

Nevertheless, it was still a great deal because the mattress with the bed frame ($699) would have came up to $2,787, and assuming if we had to top up for the micro-gel pillows ($120), it would have been a whopping $2,907. And we shaved a cool $900 off, with free delivery included...

It's not a bad deal I must say. :)

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