[Adv] Amelie-Anne is back, with LOADS of Self-Manufactured Items!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

That's right, you've heard me right!

After a long hiatus, I definitely miss Amelie-Anne's relaxed chic dresses that I can wear out regardless of events I'm attending - each piece is as good for a day out with your boyfriend as to a wedding dinner. This time, I am introducing you Amelie-Anne's very first batch of self-manufactured dress (known as The Label Love) -  The Front Tiered Dress.

Inspired by Philip Lim, The Label Love now launches 4 different colours of the Front Tiered Dress:

I cannot decide which one to settle for, because I like both the green and yellow one! For darker skinned girls like me, I'd definitely suggest you going for the brighter colours to brighten yourself up.

As for pink, because it's so close to our natural skin colour, I think it fits both fair and dark skinned girls! You can check out Zoe Raymond in the dress over at her blog. You can also spot Steph in the dark blue tone that I personally think fitted her perfectly.

For me, I'll definitely show you a picture of myself in it, when I finally decide what colour I'd want (before it gets all sold out!).Stocks for yellow and pink are running low, by the way!

Another self-manufactured item coming up the shelves in a few days' time is the City Chic Dress.

Also available in 4 different colours, you can choose to pair it with a skinny belt, or let it hang loose without looking sloppy!

You bet I'd be camping at my computer to grab the Beige/Blush Pink combination as soon as it is released!

To get first hand notice for these releases, you can sign yourself up on their Mailing List, like them on their Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter!

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