What would be the last thing you'd wanna do?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This post is purely inspired by my absolute boredom at the last hour of my 10-hour working schedule. I was changing the file names to make it more understandable (i.e. from something abstract like A001, I changed it to Wall Backdrop Image 1 - so that I make life easier for the rest while I difficult myself!), when it suddenly dawned on me...

"What if this is your last hour, Jac? What if in the next moment, you'd fall right over and die?"

And then I froze. I stopped the idle changing of file names and sat up straight.

Wouldn't it be absolutely devastating to know that you've done nothing memorable in your last hour? Like if you were to head on to hell, and met your fellow friends, and they asked, "So, what were you doing before you died?"

I can imagine my friends to say, "Oh, I was like driving at 150kph, and then WHAM! It happened. But it was so fucking cool I tell you!"

Or, "I was having the best sex of my life, when my heart decides to stop!"

And me?

"Oh... I was busy changing file names on my computer."

*cues awkward cricket sounds*

If you could choose, what would be the last thing you'd wanna do before you die?

I know it's kinda morbid to be talking about death like that, but what the hell, shit like that happens all the time, and NONE of us can choose how we are gonna die. Or even know we are down to our last hour.

If it's me, I'll have death ala Romeo & Juliet.

Image from here

Ok, to be accurate, I wouldn't want so much of Juliet pretending to be dead and then awake to find Romeo dead and blah blah blah.

I just wanted the ending straight. Two star-crossed lovers dying side by side.

Erm, to be fair, this is what I feel lah. It doesn't represent Nian's point of view, and he would probably not want to die with me if his time isn't up yet.....

But if I can choose, we'll be taking our vows of love, with something along the lines of "let's be lovers our next life", before collapsing down and die in each other's arms.

Ahhhhhh. This is how it's like when you've been changing too much file names, and this weather is so romantically rainy.

What is the last thing you'd wanna do? Be feasting all of your favourite food? Call someone you love and tell him/her how you really feel? Punch someone really badly and actually feel good?

Or... to be reading thesuper-girl.com?


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