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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

 One of the favourite things Nian and I like to do, is to have breakfast by the pool.

We would wake up at unearthly hours (i.e. 6.30AM!), wash up, go for a walk, buy breakfast, and then settle down to eat at about 8AM.

By then, depending on the weather, the sun would have crept up and sometimes, even sitting under the umbrella doesn't exactly block all the sunlight away.

Besides, UV light can penetrate through the shades, anyway. So using sunblock is a must!

Not too long ago, the kind people from thesamplestore sent me two products from Sunplay for me to try. Pictured above is the UV Body Mist Sunblock that has 80PA++, while pictured below is the Sunplay Super Block that contains a whopping SPF130+++!

The Super Block is packed in such a convenient size I throw it in my make-up pouch all the time. It always pays to have enough protection from the nasty sun! (And I'm already born dark, I cannot afford to get any darker. People will soon not be able to find me in the clubs if that happens!)

Application is rather simple with these two Sunplay products as well. For the Super Block, all you need to do is to give the bottle a good shake, and then open up.

It's ultra liquidy texture makes application super easy, and this is suitable for both your face and body! I usually use it on my face primarily, and then I use the Body Mist for my body.

How does the Body Mist work? I'd say this is totally invented for lazy girls like me who finds it annoying to smear, smear, smear and smear!

All you need to do is to hold on to the spray can, and then spray it evenly across your body:

And you get those yummy, gleaming tanned skin so that you'd look awesome in a bikini!

So remember, if you're gonna have a day in the sun, remember Sunplay. :)

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