Thor: Son of Odin, Defender of Asguard

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday evening, Nian and I were invited by for the premier screening of Thor, in 3D.

If you've been a fan of Marvel comics, you would have known that Thor is a very powerful but arrogant warrior. In this movie, his recklessness caused him to reignite the ancient war between the Ice Giants.

As such, he was banished to Earth by his father, Odin.

Once he reached Earth, he fell in love with Jane Foster (starred by Natalie Portman, I like! Although this picture is not very flattering to her), learned how to be a true leader... before finally going back.

Of course, this is a very, very summarized version of the movie - I wouldn't want to say too much and reveal too much things!

My verdict: I think Chris Hemsworth is awesome. Wait, maybe awesome is an understatement for him, seriously! I think he played this role superbly well, and even I... who probably can't stand arrogant men, go "awww" once in a while.

Having set the stage for the much-awaited The Avengers, I now CANNOT WAIT!

Catch Thor in 3D ok? It's absolutely worth every penny. (Or dollar, in SG wtf.) Enjoy!!

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