Peng-kang - you know?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Peng kang is the hokkien term for barbecue, and over the long weekend last week, Nian actually booked a chalet, packed my clothes, prepared the food and all for me.... without me lifting a finger.

*guilty wife*

You see, the husband thinks that I need a break. Like a proper one that will put my mind off everything and thoroughly enjoy myself, and therefore, he decided on a little getaway of some sort. =)

He even invited our friends and family over!

Mama Tan was really sweet... Do you know that she single-handedly prepared all of our food? She bought chicken wings, marinated them, bought fish fillet, wrapped them up in aluminum foil, cut fruits, fried bee hoon....

And not to mention, she packed all our cutleries - even down to cooking oil, brushes, tongs and even table cloths!

It makes me very touched to learn that my extended family go such a long way to help out. =)

To be honest, I didn't do much for this barbecue session. I merely thawed the crab sticks (I love BBQ crabsticks btw!) and hotdogs... and then sat around taking pictures. Hee.

The thing about food in the Tan's family is that every single thing you see, is home-made. Even the satay sauce. And the satay. It was made from scratch from chicken bits, skewered into satay sticks.

Even the bee hoon had egg toppings it looks so dead yummy ohmygot.

Nian also took the liberty to invite some of our close friends over, so it was a really happy gathering! :D

As if having loads of conversation wasn't enough, I also stuffed myself silly with all those marshmallows... Hehehe.

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