KPOP Friday!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mehhh! I'm so sorry that the previous post disappeared! It will reappear on Tuesday, where it will be the correct day to post! :P

As of why I didn't just keep it there since it's already published, that's because of my personal policy - all my TiWs should be up as the first post for at least 3 days to get maximum reads! And I have this crazy post to share with you so..... the adv will be left until its correct day.

So last Friday it was our monthly themed Friday! Gosh. Has it been a month already? I haven't even posted pictures of the last theme - Polka Dots!

We were all supposed to be some KPOP stars or another. My colleagues think that I look like Min from Miss A, and so I was assigned to looking like her!

It's kinda far away... I know. For one, I don't even have her hair!

And I am so hopelessly happy, I cannot even portray her cool look.

Celebrity-look-alike attempt #2: fail. -__-

Shir, Daen and Shu (L-R) dressed up as the 2Ne1 group, with Daen as Sandara Park, Shir also as Sandara Park in a different get up, and Shu as Park Bom.

To be honest, I have no freaking idea who all these pretty girls are.

If you were to ask me which one of the four is Park Bom or Sandara Park, I'd look at you, shrug and tell you I've got no idea at all. LOL.

I guess the only person I know in the KPOP industry is probably Lee Min Ho (starred by Melly, who was caught dating Park Bom wtf), the ambassador of Etude House. (I know I'm super fail in kpop. Please don't hate me.)

Ting dressed up as Song Ga In, whom I have no idea whether she's an actress or singer....

Some pose by Miss A when they danced LOL

But I think, she is the closest impersonation among all of us!

OMG the eyeliner and the hair. Can someone pass Ting a lollipop already???

Actually, we should all give three cheers to my director. While she's kind of a "proper" woman (as compared to us, we are literally crazy at work), she has always been participating in our nonsensical monthly themed get-up... in a more subtle way.

Like instead of the crazy fur coat my manager has on him, she came as Coffee Prince.

Not bad for a "proper" woman, I'd say!

And a rather good attempt at impersonation, isn't it?

The Crazy PR Team signing off.

Have the bluest Monday ever tomorrow! Hiak hiak hiak.

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  1. Shit I think I just accidentally deleted my last comment. All I wanted to say was u guys had so much fun even at work! Is that awesome or what?!

  2. Hehehe yah, I guess it's hard to find such crazy colleagues all at one go! :P


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