It has been two years!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Two years ago, I scraped past my driving test with 18 points and got my licence finally, on my third try.

Actually, my first try at my traffic police test was really horrendous. While throughout all three tests, I've never really had problems with my circuit, I was a major road hazard when I left the school!

I took my first test when I hit 18. You know how people say, when you're young, you're reckless?

I fit that description to a tee. With only 5 points on my list when I left the school (I was with Singapore Safety Driving Centre - SSDC - then, safety my ass LOL), I got an immediate failure because I turned right, crossing two lanes without checking if there were cars coming.

You guys should totally see how shocked my tester was, he just went, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," before realizing that he shouldn't be slamming on my brakes because that would mean the oncoming car would slam into us.

I did a perfect swerve into the lane without much sweat, but my tester thinks that I almost murdered him. :P

So I failed. The second time, I was 20.

I was older, so I was a bit more mellow as compared to the same me two years back. I was also aching for a driver's licence because I was in my second year of poly then, and school was so friggin far away.

I don't know how/why/when, I failed because I clocked 20 points. Sharp. I only remembered the last 2 points were clocked because at the very same road where I got my immediate failure the first time, I forgot to check my blind spot.

Fuck my life then, really.

I tried to convince my tester that I'm actually a pretty safe driver (pretty and safe I mean), and that this additional 2 points was an "accident".

No, he told me I would have better luck next time.

I hate SSDC lah wtf.

And feeling so low, I decided that I would stop learning how to drive altogether. "I shall be chauffeured around!"

But that was not me. I hate it when I am not in control. Hate it when there's a car all available for me, but I couldn't drive. So when Nian and I got together, he said, "Why not give it another try? I'm sure you'd pass this time,"

I don't know why he was so confident of me, but I decided to give it another shot anyway. Instead of going back to that wretched school, I signed myself up to an awesome private instructor who is under Comfort Driving Centre instead.

Long story short, with only 10 sessions with him, I passed! And the rest is history. :)

If there's gonna be a moral to this story, it will definitely have to be one that says about not giving up.

Looking back now, I cannot have imagined I don't have a licence until now. The freedom, the convenience and the sense of control while cruising down the road alone (or sometimes with Nian), is priceless.

So, if you have been failing this annoying traffic police test, don't fret! I'm very sure you'd be one of us on the roads very, very soon. :)

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