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Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you guys have been following my tweets, you would have been in the loop that I was the winning blogger who walked away with a HTC Desire S phone just a week back!

5 bloggers, Sharon, Jayley, Yong Wei, Estelle and I are split to follow a team of contestants each, as part of their team. Imagine my horror because I was dressed in a tube dress that is too short, and was wearing a pair of heels.....


Jayley and I were in the same situation - albeit her heels were like a whopping 5" or something!

You see, we thought we would only be looking pretty and all using the HTC phone in the glass house with the fellow contestants.... and that kinda explained our dress codes. *sheepish smile*

If I had known it would involve loads of running, climbing of stairs and sprint-work, you'd bet I'd appear in my comfortable Crocs, shorts and a singlet..... just like Estelle!

And because I am an iPhone user, I needed some time to get used to the HTC Desire S. But well, guess what? I merely took 5 minutes to locate my Twitter app, and I had so much fun with my HTC!

Using an Android phone isn't really too hard, is it? :)

MyPaper was there as well, and all of us got interviewed! But don't bother flipping the papers, I've tried, but there was no pictures of us at all..... evil editors!

The race then started, and the first stop was Canon, which was on the second floor of Vivocity. Oh boy! First stop and I had to run up the escalator, across the shops, past GV and finally arriving in Canon feeling shagged right away!

And if that wasn't enough, we had to use our bodies to spell C-A-N-O-N. And... we were spelling one of the Ns above.

After getting the clue to the next station - which was in Plaza Singapura, my team and I were trailing behind. When we eventually reached PS, we were like the 4th team out of the 6, and many of them have already started their "treasure hunting" in The Face Shop!

Fast forwarding the race, we zoomed to HTC's center at NEX at our third stop - and that required me to run up almost 6 flights of escalators to reach the destination on the 3rd floor. We had to do a 30 sec video on the HTC Desire S, HTC Desire Z and the HTC Desire HD....

Fourth stop had us at the Subaru car retail at Leng Kee, where we had to look for ridiculous car parts in the various Subarus..... But by this time, we were the first to arrive and first to leave the stop!

The last stop had us back at the Harbourfront Centre, where we had to piece puzzles to reveal the new destinations of the Superstar Virgo. And we had to sprint back to Vivocity from Harbourfront Centre.

I was the slowest among my group of guys, and I was so freaking worried that I would slow them down! You see, Calvin (right), was leading amongst the rest of the 30 over contestants with the highest scoring points. If we get the first place, all my team mates will have an additional 50 points, which means.... Calvin will be the overall champion!

The overall champion walks away with $5000 cold hard cash, with a HTC phone ok! This is a prize that I simply cannot jeopardize him of! D:

But thank goodness all my running has paid off! I honestly never knew I could sprint in a pair of heels and a short dress wtf.

And Calvin walked away with $5K!!! Congrats!!!

And of course, I've to thank these few people:-
  • My team: Calvin, JJ and CK, for helping me with my bag and waiting for me while I slowed you guys down! Thank you for not losing your patience with me. =)
  • HTC: For this awesome campaign! Without this campaign, I wouldn't even be considering using an Android phone, trust me.
  • Omy.sg: For inviting me down for such an amazing event, I really enjoyed myself to bits.

Till next time, guys! <3

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