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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yesterday, XY grabbed me out for a movie session because she had complimentary tickets to Shaw cinemas.

It was some kind of exciting, given that we've known each other for years, but we've never caught a movie together before!

Looks like there's always a milestone to achieve in each and every friendship, isn't it? :)

I wanted to catch Rio because my colleague said it was very good. And it has a happy ending! And the two birds fell in love at first sight! No better reasons to watch it. Love at first sight and happy ending, just like a fairy tale!

But Shaw at Bugis didn't have it, so our next choice was Authur.

Acted by Russell Brand, to be honest, I wasn't expecting particularly different about his shows. From Sex and the City until now, it's mostly a whole load of jokes in British accent, sometimes tasteless ones.

However, in Arthur, I guess the tagline explains it all - the world's only loveable billionaire.

It all began with Arthur, being so dead rich, he does nothing all day long. Unless of course, you consider pretending to be two persons in an auction... to be real work.

And through the auction, he bought himself Abraham Lincoln's suit, strolled around the area... and then fell in love with a very, normal girl.

Is it Jennifer Garner?

I guess it is true love when a prince is willing to give up everything for the girl his eyes fell upon. You know, you try to sober yourself up, find a job... give up your billionaire status....

And give up your clothes as well.

Definitely a light-hearted show to watch after work, if you'd ask me!

Stay tuned for the next movie review coming up on Friday, because Nian and I will be watching the premier of Thor tonight, courtesy of Omy.sg.

Can't wait! =)

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