Cracking the Source Code

Friday, April 22, 2011

A few days back, Nian and I made another trip to NEX at Serangoon to catch a preview of Source Code. The last time we were there catching a movie was The Rabbit Hole, where we had it in the comforts of the Premiere Room, which was almost alike to the GV Grand, except that, in my opinion, better.

This time, we caught Source Code in the regular cinema, and I liked the seats too! It is somewhat like an arm chair, complete with a headrest. Even though Nian and I had to sit at the second row from the front, I thought it was still enjoyable, nevertheless! =)

So we caught Source Code. Starred by Jake Gyllenhaal as Captain Colter Stevens and Michelle Monaghan as Christina Warren, this movie revolves around how Captain Stevens last remembered himself as an American Army helicopter pilot flying in Afghanistan, but woke up in a train to realize that he was in the body of a different person.

8 minutes later, this fateful train then exploded, killing everybody on board. However, Captain Stevens was then "teleported" back to some kind of pod, and there, was a video where it was his only connection back to the actual world.

 He was then repetitively transported to and fro the bombed train to re-live the situation again and again, so as to find the bomb and eventually locating the bomber to prevent the next attack.

Through the repetition, he fell in love with Christina.

Did you spot Russell Peters in the background? He starred at Max Denoff, but a stand-up comedian still. It was good watching him telling his jokes again!

In this 90 minutes of thriller, both Nian and I were kept at the edge of our seats. While Captain Stevens died in several different ways, he very soon realized that each scenario is different.

The Source Code has not only transported people into the past via the memory of a brain, it has created a whole new world.... which is merely a memory of the actual world.

This movie is something very different as compared to other thrillers. It involves more thinking, and the twist at the end, just makes it perfect.

Don't believe me? Watch the trailer.

Special thanks to for the movie invite!

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