Blog Train: $20 Budget Meal - April

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last month, I took part in a blog event on Cuisine Paradise - a popular food blog that teaches you to prepare fast, fabulous food in a short time.

This month, to take the event one notch higher, Ellena (author of Cuisine Paradise), decides to throw in a theme for this month - i.e. April Easter.

Everyone knows Easter revolves around bunnies and eggs, but thank goodness, we don't have to resort to preparing bunny stew! D:

Taking this blog event one step higher also had me looping my husband into the cooking session. Last night, we cooked up a storm in the kitchen, rented some good movies and there goes our Good Friday. =)

Because we have had a barbecue session the day before, we had tonssss of mid-wings left over! Decided to toast them and eat them up before they go sour.

Do you know that you can actually toast raw wings with your toaster? I didn't believe it at first - how will the chicken be cooked!? But Mama Tan proved me wrong.

Honey marinated chicken wings

- Mid wings, about 6 pieces will serve 2 pax - $4
- Sesame oil
- Soya Sauce
- Pepper
- Sugar
- Honey

All for marination - $1

Total price: $5

- Mix the condiments with the wings, and marinate them for a day for best taste.
- Pop wings into toaster, set about 20 minutes.
- Rotate the wings every 5 minutes to ensure that it is evenly cooked.
- Serve!

As a theme for April Easter, one of our dishes has to be prepared with eggs. So despite my previous entry already had Onion omelette, I'm submitting another omelette for this month's entry!

It's also partially also because I'm not very good with eggs. Apart from omelette and sunny-side-ups, I can't think of any variations off-hand. D:

Ham and Onion Omelette

I had initially wanted to do solely ham omelette, but because Nian was craving for some onions, we decided to throw them in as well! :P

I really like impromptu cooking like that. Hehe.

- 2 eggs - $0.40
- 1 onion - $0.40
- 1 slice of picnic ham - $1.20

Total: $2

- Chop up the onions into tiny pieces, do likewise for the ham
- Beat two eggs into the bowl (as seen in picture)
- Mix thoroughly and fry

We kinda cheated on our soup dish because we whipped up a can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom instead of preparing them from scratch. Hehe. This costs like, $2.40?

So there you have it! With spending only $9.40, we managed a ridiculously filling meal over loads and loads of old movies.

If you enjoy cooking as much as I do, why not join us at the $20 Budget Meal blog event? You can get more information from here.

Have fun!

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  1. Wow! Jac... your bake chicken wings look great!!!! lovely colour

  2. The recipe itself shows that this is the real budget meal. Simple ingredients and simple preparations in needed but the outcome is delicious and healthy foods.


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