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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you know that a women's breast are often the first thing men look at, and for a longer time than other body parts? In fact, there is a study that says staring at women's breasts for just minutes a day can improve a man's health and add four to five years to his life!

Apart from many other reasons, most women are someway or another unhappy with their boobs - whether they are too small, too dark (nipples and aerola), too saggy... etc.

Maybe you should consider...

When Tokyo Bust first approached me, I was already starting on my diet and like what most people worry: Dieting = losing fats = decrease in boob/cup size.

I mean, yes, I want to be slim, but I don't want to lose my boobs in the process! Why is looking like Katy Perry so difficult????

Slim, tight abs with non-aeroplane runway boobs

So when I went down for my treatment, I told the ladies specifically what I was looking for: Keep my cup size, and firm them up please!

Image credits to wikipedia

The experienced therapists first brought me into this private room to explain about the structure of our assets, and why some of us have naturally big boobs, while some... not so well-endowed.

You see, the Lobules (part 3) makes up a rather huge percentage of your boobs. If you have naturally large lobules, you will have bigger boobs. Alternatively, if you have more fatty tissues (part 7), your boobs will also be bigger as well, and a little softer.

I thank my mom for giving me a rather huge lobules (basically, the therapist would hold one side of your boob in a particular manner where they can feel and determine the size of your lobule), but through my diet, I would most likely lose the fats stored there... which means I will inevitably have smaller boob size at the end of my diet.

Next, she measured my boobs. I like how the therapists specially made sure that their hands were not cold when they touched my boobs. You girls know how disturbing that would feel!

I've drawn a triangle on the anatomy of this female image I've found online. Basically, the gist is to get the distance from the collar bone to the respective nipples within an acceptable range. If your boobs are too saggy, you would have a greater reading for the triangle sides.

As for the base of the triangle, this is to see if you have nipples that faces away from one another. I mean, attractive boobs are nipples facing forward, not to the left or right. If it is, then you must be taking care of your boobies wrongly.

Here's my reading before treatment. I have a saggier left breast as compared to my right (which is normal), and that is beacuse my left boob is slightly bigger than the right (which is normal too).

Tokyo Bust Express put me through roughly an-hour long session of Collagen Scrub, unique Palm Padded Machine, Repair Firming Gel, Bust Firming Massage and Bust Firming Formula in a dimly lit room - which is superbly comfortable.

When I entered it during twilight, all I saw were the pretty lights of Somerset greeting me, it was breath-taking even only at the 8th floor.

Among the entire range of treatment, I like the Bust Firming Massage best! It was so comfortable, I very nearly fell asleep.

All in all, I had my skin scrubed clean, so that they can absorb the firming essence better during the later part of the treatment. After which, they put me through a Palm Padded Machine specially unique to Tokyo Bust Express only. The last three steps basically involved a lot of massages... and I love massages!

After the treatment, I was led out of the comfy room facing the wonderful skyline (don't worry, the therapists from Tokyo Bust will actually pull the curtains on while you're having the treatment, so privacy is ensured), and back to the little consultation room, where I got my boobs measured again.

From the previous 25.9cm and 25.3cm respectively, you can see that my boobs have grown firmer by almost 2cm, just by 1 session! My boobs are also closer together now as compared to the previous 24.8cm.

The therapists have warned that by a single session alone may show substantial improvement, but it is only through constant therapy that the boobs can retain its renewed firmness. And because my boobs have not been through any treatments like this before, the results are indeed plesantly shocking.

But you girls must realize that you cannot always expect marvelous shocking results... because that would mean one day, your boobs may end up on your throat, right??! (Like every treatment you move 2cm higher. It won't take long, I tell you!)

It will come to a point where you seem that it is utterly ridiculous to be paying so much money, but you see no more improvements - that is when you need to maintain it... because gravity acts on you every single day.

Just like losing weight. You girls can't possibly expect to go on and on... until you reach zero, right? It will come to a point where results will simply plateau out, and you would have to find ways and means to maintain it, and not to push it further. :)

I must say that initially, I was quite shy because, well, for one, I am not exactly very proud of my boobs! I think they are a little saggy for my liking, even though the therapists insisted that it was okay. I think I may have watched too much Jersey Shores to shape that perception. :P

The therapists are very experienced and professional, so you don't feel one bit violated when they examined your boobies, and tell you what you should/should not do. For example, she recommended ladies who are slightly better endowed not to wear strapless bra (which I love, unfortunately) because of the lack of support on the shoulders. Ladies with bigger breasts should go for a three-hook bra, with thicker shoulder straps to maintain the firmness of your boobs.

Besides, all of Tokyo Bust Express's counters are thoughtfully located at a rather "secluded" spot, so that people don't really watch you walking into the counter and go, "Wa, this girl needs a boob job."

You can experience the following treatments at Tokyo Bust Express: Kou You Magic, Senchi Plus Massage, X10 Senchi Plus, Shokubutzu Hormone Essence, Okina C, Pinku Nipple and Daizu Mask.

In fact, most of the treatments are customized to your needs, so you don't even need to go in and tell them what you want - Tokyo Bust Express gives you the treatment you need.

You can locate Tokyo Bust Express at these following places:

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #B1-21 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Ngee Ann City
391A Orchard Road Tower B #05-18A
Singapore 238873

Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111/112
Singapore 307506

Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central, #03-32
Singapore 059300

Alternatively, you may give them a call/email to secure your appointment:

Tel: 6262 6161
Website: http://www.tokyobustexpress.com/
Email: info@tokyobustexpress.com

And before I go, I need to let you girls know that you can actually read reviews on Cozycot, if you are wary of the treatments! And.. Tokyo Bust Express is one of the nominees for Cozycot Beauty Awards! So this means, many ladies have actually went, and felt happy. So why not you? :)

Terms and conditions apply
- females only
- 21 years and above only
- first time customers only

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