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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recently, Nian and I were walking around Toa Payoh when we realized that there was a new building erected right beside the HDB Hub.

While sipping on our KOI and checking out new HDB flats (always good to know where's coming up!) the both of us noticed a new building beside the run-down cinema. In Orange Tee (the new building), there were a couple of restaurants and one of them was this quaint little pub/dining place which was visited by quite a lot of PMEBs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen - office people in short).

But because Nian and I were not in an experimental mood that day, I decided to shelf the plan until the following week, where I would meet the Tuesday Girls for dinner. It was my turn to decide on a venue, you see. :)

I think we were pretty lucky that night because Tuesdays happen to be Waave Grill and Chill's ladies night. Each of us were entitled to have a glass of complimentary cocktail which was concocted with Gin, Blueberry, Pineapple and Lime.

The only thing I found weird about this place, was that we had to personally walk down to the bar to pick up our complimentary drink. It's like a waitress will come to you and say, "Your drink is ready," and then we would have to scramble out of the seats to get our drinks.

What is the rationale of that, I really don't know. It's pretty weird.

Drinks wise, the Gin was minimal. Not much of a Blueberry taste either... It was very much a pineapple-lime juice mixture. Not that it tasted bad, it was okay, except that it wasn't particularly cocktail, if you get what I mean.

The taking of order was rather prompt, service crew recommended their special dishes and all, which was good. Food didn't take too long to come too.

Both Kelly and I ordered the Salmon with Caribbean Fruit Salad. I swapped my mash to fries, which was a good decision because Kelly's mash came on its own!

I cannot imagine eating mash (potatoes) without any sort of gravy. D:

The salmon was too well done, so it was kinda tough to bite. Not that the fruits made any difference. Overall, it was edible, but it wasn't fantastic as per what they claimed.

Tiffany ordered the Snail Sausage. I don't know how it tastes though.. Didn't try it. :)

The ambiance was good actually! The music wasn't too loud, and they even screened Tom and Jerry on the TV, hahaha.

So while the rest are busy eating and talking, I was very busy Whatsapping Nian. So busy until I put down my cutlery lor!

Happy hour is until 9PM, with 1-for-1 draft beer only, which is such a shame. The beer was so-so... but it is not fair for me to judge after I've tried the Starker Beer from OverTime. Even Heineken lost to it!

And finally, dessert. I honestly think this dessert is too small for a single serving! Although I didn't order this, and eventually Tiffany and Kelly shared among themselves, I still think that tiny scoop of ice-cream was pathetic. :(

Here's us!

All in all, here's what I feel:

Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 4
Price: 3
Food quality: 2
Food quantity: 3.5

Waave Grill and Chill is located at:
430 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #01-01 
OrangeTee Building

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