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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm not sure if you guys follow me on my Twitter, but if you do, you will realize Hubba Tan is off to save the world again.

Well... ok. Not to save the entire world, but since the devastating catastrophes happening recently, everywhere is in need of medical aid more than ever.

I've always had this silent sense of pride with him being in the medical team. Unlike the "chiong sua" (fight in the mountains) kind of soldiers who pride themselves in taking down as many people as they can... The medical team stays at the back, picking up every life, bringing them back where we all wait in anticipation.

To be fair, Singapore doesn't go to wars, so such "chiong sua" soldiers don't really have to get out there in the wild, one shot one kill.

But people die even without wars.

Just look at the Japan earthquake yesterday. Even though it was dubbed as The Japan Earthquake, many surrounding countries also experienced a minimum 5.0 ritcher quakes after the major 8.9 one.

Tsunami sweeping into Natori City

Following the quake that was 700 times more powerful than the Haiti one previous years, a tsunami soon followed.

A 10 meter high sea-wall, no less.

It spreaded across Japan, Australia, Indonesia, US, Taiwan, The Philippines... It was a heart-wrenching sight.

Check out the tsunami swirls near Oarai. The quake caused a rupture almost 300km long and 150km wide in the sea floor.

That's almost the size of 37 Singapore islands, by the way.

And when the tsunami left, this was all that remained - lifeless debris, wildfire and chaos.

Roads snapped like pieces of cardboards in Sukagawa City. Just imagine how scary it would be to have the earth sinking below you. :(

And workers inspecting the caved-in section on the road in Satte. While I cannot resist marvelling at how perfect the split were - no residual. It was alike to someone coming along with a giant pair of scissors, snipping the road into half, it was also a huge warning....

That no matter how well prepared you may be, Man holds no chance against Nature.


As compared to the Haiti quake, I find myself being more able to relate to this Japan quake. I've always loved Japan. Their food, culture, language... marvels me.

It was only last year that Nian and I celebrated our Valentine's Day there. The Disneyland where we took loads of pictures is now flooded. The places where we stood and sighed in contentment... allowing the majestic views blanket us... are now nothing but ruins.

And of course, this quake affected me more because Nian had his share of this tsunami. He is safe, but that feeling of fear... is indescribable.

All I hope now is to have the Japanese to survive through this quake. And of course, the husband to come back safe and sound. :)


On a lighter note, the polygangers grabbed me out for dinner yesterday, shortly after Nian left. 

My colleagues cheered the emo-nemo me up by calling me along for furniture shopping at Ikea yesterday... which I lugged back a 20KG cabinet and fixed them up myself.

It's days like these when I am constantly reminded that friends are important!

Thanks to Sandra, who constantly arranges our meet ups. :D

We stuffed ourselves silly with the usual fare from Chomp Chomp - from oyster omelet to rojak, to satay and big-ass sugar cane juice.

And of course, little stories of our other classmates as well! One of our good friends is going through a break-up now... which kinda makes me feel sad too.

I mean, who likes break-ups? Besides, they were together for 8 years. 8 solid years. And it ended just like that. Who do we blame? What do we say?

I always tell my friends, "If a man loves you, he can give you a thousand reasons why he wants to be with you. If a man stops loving you, he can give you a million reasons to leave."

He who leaves you, does not deserve you. Don't look back, because the best is yet to come. That's all I can say.

And of course, I shared my favourite break-up motivational song with her - 没那么爱他 by 范玮琪. Chinese songs have their way of being all lovey-dovey, but yet.. it speaks so much more than an English song, don't you think so?

Here, to all the newly-single broken-hearted. This song is for you. :)



深呼吸 抬头望
这世界 那么大
你知道 不会是他


All Japan quake images are from The Big Picture.
And Nian is only away, we are not in some form of relationship trouble or anything. This is a motivational post for someone I care! :)

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