The Matrimony of Raymond and Jeannie

Sunday, March 06, 2011

On Saturday, another of our friends got hitched.

I think that's the fifth couple to get hitched within our social circle, and the first one this year! :D

I love attending weddings, it is the time where everyone gets in the lovey-dovey mood, even the most unromantic person somehow... gets basked in the love too.

Having attended so many wedding ceremonies, I realized a few things:

  • A marriage is more important than a wedding. You may have your perfect wedding day, but what's the use of having a treacherous 475836452 days of your lives? Prepare your wedding day together - it will be more significant than a Bridezilla preparing on her own.

  • It's either you don't get an engagement ring, or get something that says you're worth it. It's really ridiculous to be wearing an engagement ring that is even cheaper than a Kate Spade. Or worse, made from silver. This is for boyfriend-girlfriend kind of couple rings, really.

  • It's really a good idea to have themes, it makes things more interesting. But please, not crazy-ass themes like.... "School days", or Mickey Mouse. It's supposed to make things classy and romantic, not cheesy!

  • ***

    I certainly don't think that I know a lot about wedding. In fact, we are at this stage of worrying, "What if our guests decide to give us vouchers/ringgit/rupiah???" (We have families in these countries, you see)

    My mom thinks that if we want to hold a wedding dinner, we shouldn't really care whether we make money or not.

    She's right. We're definitely not looking at making money. We're expecting to lose money too... But the problem is..

    WTF are we gonna do with those ringgit and rupiah!?!?

    And ever since we had that joker who have us Big Sweep tickets as angbao (which we didn't win anything from it), it makes us realize something.

    There ARE ridiculous people like that.

    I don't know, but are there any ways to reduce such stuff from happening?


    Moving on to the happier moments of a wedding, Raymond and Jeannie tied their knot at The Blue Ginger Restaurant, which is well-known for their Peranakan cuisine!

    (Spot my new bag? Hehehe)

    And their photographers are none other than our favourite Multifolds Photographers! They were our photographers for our ROM as well! =D

    They did our shots so well, I've never stopped pimping them ever since. I heard that if you were to quote my name/thesuper-girl, they would give you a discount!

    Multifolds doesn't only do wedding/ROM shots. Also apart from pre-wedding shots, these two guys do "friendship shots" as well. Have a group of BFFs? Why not have a photoshoot together? I'm sure that would make precious memories!

    In fact, I think I *may* just grab XY to take one with me. Hehehe.

    After taking loads of photos and polaroids with the newly-weds, we proceeded to stuff ourselves with those yummy Nonya cuisine. :D

    One of my favourite dishes was the Ayam Panggang, which is basically grilled chicken thigh flavoured with coconut milk and spices. It was grilled so well, it was dead juicy and tender! *tears of happiness starts flowing*

    I also like the Udang Lada very much (this is where Nian comes in as the awesome husband to peel off the shell for me hehehe). It is pan-fried with black pepper and dark soya sauce.

    I was telling Nian that my grandma used to make really powerful Nonya food when she was alive. It's really a shame she never got to meet him. I'm sure she'd love Nian as much as I do!

    It was a small reception, with only 40 of us. I think it's enough, you know? It is whoever that matters, matter.

    I guess the only thing that freaked me out was the potent durian Chendol they served! It smelled so strongly.... I had to cover my nose with my serviette ZOMG.

    And yes, as much a foodie as I am, durians are one of the things I absolutely cannot stand. -___-

    So that's that! The journey of Mr. Toh and Ms. Yeo, eventually blossoming into Mr. and Mrs. Toh, 5 years later.

    To another 60 years of wedded happiness! (By then we'd be almost 90, wtf)

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    1. hahaha! :) hilarious! i love your insight on rings! :)

      p.s. we got an expired suntec voucher for our wedding dinner. *sigh*

    2. Yes! It's either you don't get anything, or get something absolutely represent what you worth!

      I'd bet that fella didn't even leave his name on that suntec voucher, did he? >:(


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