The Day When I Had Craving For Ding Tai Fung

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I'm someone who either has no cravings, or when my craving comes, I could eat the same thing for the entire week.

I know, it's ridiculous. You should see how scary I was at work.

The week before, I had An Pang Yong Tau Hu for lunch almost every single day. My colleagues would come by the pantry and go, "THAT AGAIN????"

Three weeks ago it was Fish Sliced Noodles with raw fish salad.

And last week, it was 鼎太丰(Ding Tai Fung).

Actually, there's really nothing much to rave about DTF - except for its pork chop fried rice, 小笼包  and of course - the reason of my craving - their mad awesome 小菜!!!

Thank goodness for my most favourite people in the entire universe, I got to satisfy my craving.

Btw, I had the entire plate of 小菜 to myself because both XY and Nian don't like it. I don't understand how can anyone NOT like the 小菜! (But that's good also la wtf I can't imagine having to snatch 小菜 with them hehehe).

Spent $70 over bucks between the three of us, but satisfying a mad craving, priceless.

Guess what is my craving for this week? It's a wild guess, but if you get it right, I'd give you a prize! (Not kidding! Remember someone won a prize last week?)

And here's two hints for you guys:

  • You can find it in some coffeeshops
  • It sells mad yummy chicken
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  1. i know i know!!! Botak jones's Cajun cheeken!!

  2. One correct entry submitted, waiting for one more correct entry before I close the contest! :)

    Otherwise, it will end by 11.59PM tonight. :D

  3. chicken rice?

  4. Nice try! But that is not the correct answer! :D

  5. Good try! But it's not ayam penyet either!

    The answer is Botak Jones' Cajun Chicken! Congratulations to Kelly, who got the correct answer!

    Since there is one more prize not given out, I will organize another giveaway in this week!

    Keep a lookout! :) <3


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