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Thursday, March 03, 2011

So we spent last weekend at OverTime again.

This time, apart from the usual culprits, we have one whole gang of chaos.... plus Hubba Tan!

Most pictures are from Darren anyway, because I had very conveniently left my camera at home. Hehehe. The above are all the gentlemen from Team Chaos (seriously, chaos is an understatement that day!)

And the ladies! It was a MAJOR Bloggers' gathering, I say!

I introduced them to a few of my favourite dishes... Do you remember them?

CHENG CHENG!! My favourite hei pia with tau kwa set!!!

And of course, OverTime's signature Starker Beer. (Although I am a huuuuuge Heineken fan, I must honestly swear upon my beer mug that this Starker Beer, tastes better than Heineken. Seriously, SWEAR.)

And when you drink by the pint.... you gain courage. Yong Wei is declaring his love for Somebody!!!

[Wanted to post up Somebody's picture... but decided I shouldn't unveil bloggers' secrets like that. :P]

So apart from eating, laughing and enjoying ourselves, we also took a lot of photos. And I was obviously looking at another camera in the picture above this one -____-

And I also had a crazy, mad time playing with Mint's toy poodle, Bubble! Sometimes, I cannot decide whether I like dogs or cats more. Both of them are equally cute, don't you think so?!?

Well, at least for me. I'm a little terrified of hamsters because one of them bit me when I was pretty young, but handling dogs and cats is fun!

So there you have it! Thank you one and all for the attendance! (And of course, the endless laughter and gossips you have showered upon me. Hehehe!)

Love ya'll!

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