[Adv] Panasonic Launches Channel E

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Over the weekend, the guys from XPR invited me over for a "bloggers' intimate session" at Tiffany's Cafe at the Esplanade. What was it for?

You see, Panasonic has 79 offices and manufacturing bases all over Asia Pacific. With 78,000 employees and major in the manufacture of everything from cameras to digital AVs to home appliances and all the way down to security systems, you can be sure that all these manufacturing definitely benefit us human beings to a huge extent.

That being said, how often has industrialization affect the environment?

I would say, ALL THE TIME.

By-products emitted, smoke produced through the chimney, end products that are often dumped as waste...

This is where Panasonic steps in to declare their commitment to maintain our environment, making it sustainable!

And so, Channel E was born.

What is Channel E?

Channel E is a platform where all netizens like me and you can get a hand at being an Environmental Journalist. If you're always submitting photos up to STOMP, here may be a good opportunity for you.

And for that, you stand a chance to win a Panasonic HD camcorder, DMC-GF2W camera AND DMC-LX5 camera!

There are basically three different segment you can take part in. Being Panasonic's EJ, for example, will win you a chance to get that camcorder worth $2800 and freakin' $2000 cold hard cash!

Other segments include taking pictures of an environment in distress (also known as the BEAST segment) and on the contrast, you can also take pictures of a beautiful environment to cheer all of us on in this race to keep Mother Earth sustainable.

I'm particularly interested in the cameras..... I spy the GF2 and the LX5 that is gonna be given away!! Talking about LX5s, my team and I were *this* close in winning it over the weekend.

Remember I was telling you guys about the bloggers' intimate session?

At the session, we were supposed to draw an environmental problem, with a caption as to how we can resolve it.

Here's my group mate, Yong Wei, who was in charge of.... making me laugh. LOL. Apart from that, he also helped me draw loads of black smoke and tree stumps.

Image from TechieLobang.com

He's not that bad, really!

I drew the lorry, with the logs behind. Alvin, one of the bloggers whom I brought along, drew Yong Wei in the lorry!

I tell you, he's mad awesome at drawing it's a shame he's in Marketing! You should go and be an artist and earn a living!

Here's a closer look at our artwork... and let me show you Alvin and Ridz's:

Image from TechieLobang.com

Look how cute those characters look! Both Alvin and Ridz won 2nd prize, and walked away with a Panasonic cordless phone. :)

Met up with Nadnut and Fidelis at the event as well, among many other tech and lifestyle bloggers... and of course, I was more than glad to be at the event because it was done up by my favourite classmate. :D

Eligible young man still looking for another half! Interested applicants MAY apply below. Hahaha!

Alright, that's all for today. Do remember to take part in Panasonic's Channel E movement to not only spread the awareness of maintaining our environment, but also stand a chance to win those fantastic goodies!

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