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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last evening, I headed down to MUSEE Crystal Tokyo for a session of manicure and eyelash extensions. :D

Conveniently located at Plaza Singapura, it is very suitable for the working crowd needing some last minute perking up.

Initially when I headed down to MUSEE Crystal Tokyo, I was a little apprehensive because :

1) My previous eyelash extensions hurt like crazy (story later!) and
2) There are too many beauty parlours who abuse the "Japan" name

I hold very high regards to Japanese and their work, and I get very disappointed if parlours relate themselves to Japan, but reach nowhere to Japanese standards.

How often do you actually step into a Japanese-named beauty parlours, and really see Japanese working? Most likely than not, the "Japan" in their name purely comes from a half-acquired technique, or a machine that they use.

In MUSEE Crystal Tokyo, I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped in because the parlour was filled with Japanese, both therapists and customers.

I was welcomed in by the International Business Department's 優子さん(Yuko-san), who was superbly friendly! She thinks that I am "kawaii" (cute), which is SUPER nice of her!

But I think it's because I'm not "Utsukushii" (beautiful) enough. :P

I know how readers would think, "Of course she would be friendly to you! You're a blogger!"

But no, Yuko-san busied herself among all the customers, making small talks with them and made sure that everyone was comfortable with their treatment process.

She brought me around, and of course, we took loads of pictures. :D

Behind us are the range of OPIs, which this time, I didn't use any because I was doing the Power Stone series.

(image from Joyce, who also reviewed MUSEE Crystal Tokyo)

Holding up the range of Powerstone designs is ゆりさん(Yuri-san), who is the manicure trainer for all the manicurists in MUSEE Crystal Tokyo.

Joy then came in to help me with my manicure, while Yuri-san observes. Guess which Powerstone design I chose? :D

Joy is concentrating very intently removing my cuticles for me.

She also shared that the right way to remove cuticles, is to concentrate near the nail bed. You will realize that most of them start from the middle of your nail, which is incorrect.

I'm sure this Cuticle Pusher tool will not be a stranger to most readers out here, but in MUSEE Crystal Tokyo, instead of using the Cuticle Pusher, (which damages your nails a whole lot), they have a little machine specialized in removing dead skin.

This Professional Manicure Machine also has a gentle vibration to it such that it massages my nail bed. Very comfy!

After which, Joy whipped out the UV machine, which is essential for gel nails.

I chose the purple Amethyst for my nails! Did you guess correctly? :)

See the purple powder ready to be mixed? They are really grounded from real Amethyst!


Amethyst is a very powerful healing stone. Traditionally, it is often used as a dream stone to help relief insomnia.

I read from my tweets very often that many of you guys are always awake at funny hours, not being able to sleep. You know what you can do? Place an amethyst under your pillow!

Otherwise, you can always have it on your nails, just like mine. :D


Recently, my mom knows that I have been haunted by "bad people".

Not that they are killers or whatsoever, but people who are out to harm me emotionally by putting everyone around me down. Most of the time, I don't really care what people say about me - whether I look ugly, fat, or I look like an Ah-lian. But I do get upset when people starts targeting at people whom I love.

I mean, what did they do to this person? Absolutely nothing. I don't think they deserve such name-calling when they don't even know her at all.

This person called my husband henpecked and now, she moved on to my mom, calling her  a failure for giving birth to me. Upset, I spoke to my parents.

Mom, unlike me, was really cool. She told me that whatever that she said only reflected upon herself - because if her mother had taught her well, she wouldn't even be saying those things in the first place.

Kinda made sense to me. 

"The more bad things she says about you, the more badly it reflects on her. Don't get angry, and don't go and scold her back."

A few days later, Mom came back with an Amethyst bracelet, hoping that it will protect me from the fear and frustration from people who meant harm.

"It also symbolizes humility, sincerity and wisdom," she said.

Lastly, if you have a headache, you can also use an Amethyst stone to rub against your forehead. Heard it works wonders! :)


Back to my manicure session, the Amethyst powder has been thoroughly mixed into the paste and ready to be applied!

I love how glittery my nails are! It was a Clear Gel Coat (60 minutes process, $90) on my nails before applying the Power Stone.

Another hour later, my nails are complete! We have now successfully embedded Amethyst into my nails! :D

The Power Stone Design takes about 2 hours to complete and it costs $170.

There are other Gel/Acrylic services available as well, ranging from $90 to $170. The most expensive would be this Power Stone Design.

I'd want to try French Gel for my wedding! It costs only $130, and with the gel coat, your colours stay for weeks!

Each manicure session also includes a free hair removal on your fingers and back of your hand. How thoughtful is that! :)

If you're someone who does manicure/eyelash extensions/facial and body treatments regularly, I would suggest you to go for their package. Instead of counting by sessions in the package, it limits by the duration.

For example, the most basic package costs $500, which lasts for 3 months. In these 3 months, you can do unlimited treatments! (except for hair removal treatments)

I think it's pretty worth the money, don't you think so? Facial, body beauty, nails, eyelash extensions... :D

 With Joy, my manicurist and Sensei Yuri


After my 2 hour long manicure session, I was ushered by Yuko-san again, into this comfortable room where my eyelash extensions will begin.

This is Joyce undergoing the eyelash extension, image from her site

Instead of a bed, I was asked to lie down on a fully reclined sofa, where 恵子さん(Keiko-san) took over to insert eyelashes into my existing ones.

My lashes before extension. Keiko-san commented that my lashes are rather long to begin with, except that there are several empty spots in between them.

Why, you may ask. Here's the story:

I had my eyelashes extended at this Bio-Beauty place at Toa Payoh. While it claimed that the lashes are specially imported from Korea and people generally don't experience any itch nor pain....

I guess I am the minority.

During the process, the therapist had to stick masking tape below my eyes so that the glue will not get in contact with my skin. At the first try, she slid the masking tape so high up it poked my right eyeball!

It was scary that she didn't know anything, and because it was my first time, I didn't know better. I just kept telling her that my eyes were uncomfortable, and she kept adjusting the masking tape over and over again.

I got used to the "pain", and she started on the process. About an hour later, she completed it... except that my eyes hurt so bad after that! The lashes were too "sharp" at the end, and it was so rough, it was thicker than my armpit hair. -___-

I couldn't close my eyes tightly after the extension because the lashes would pierce (yes, not poke) into my lids, making it all red and annoyed.

So I kept tugging at my lashes. And the more I tugged, the more my own lashes came off.

Eventually, I got so fed-up with it I headed straight to the nearest eyelash extension shop in Far East Plaza and got them to remove it for me.

It barely lasted for a week, damn it!

This explained why I was terrified of future eyelash extensions, and was afraid to go through it another time.

But, I am glad I gave extensions another chance. Seriously.

Here's my lashes after the extension. Keiko-san was so experienced and gentle, I don't have that kind of nonsense I had to endure previously. And... the entire process was so comfortable, I actually fell asleep.

I am SO going for my bottom lashes next! :D

(Yes, MUSEE Crystal Tokyo also offers extensions on the lower lashes. As you can see, I have almost zero bottom lashes LOL)

Guess what is the first thing I did when I woke up with extensions?

I squeezed my eyes tightly to see if they pierced in any way. Then I started touching them to feel their softness. AND trust me, the difference is vast.

Please don't be terrified of my veins, it happens when I sleep with my contact lenses.

There are 4 different "looks" you can ask for when you head down to MUSEE Crystal Tokyo:

  • Natural (the one I am having), approximately 80-100 lashes. Completes in an hour and costs $120
  • Cute (gives volume & emphasize the iris), approximately 100-130 lashes. Completes in 1.5 hours, costs $130
  • Sexy (accent at the outer corner to make eyes look longer), approx 100-130 lashes, completes in 1.5 hours, costs $140
  • Glamorous (maximum eyelash extension to give the glamour look), approx 140-160 lashes, completes in 2 hours, costs $150.

As mentioned, you can also opt for lower lashes, which costs between $20-$40 depending on the amount of lash you use. Touch ups are also available either in full (costs 50% of the price depending on the "look" you've selected), or partial, which costs $10 for 10 lashes.


Specially for thesuper-girl's readers, all you need to do is to quote my name when you head down to MUSEE Crystal Tokyo for any services. The first 10 customers get to choose any one of these Libote Sakura products!
Also, there us a special Under Arms Hair Removal Package until the end of March, where you only need to pay $138 for unlimited sessions!!!

The usual price is $988/6 sessions, so you're definitely in for a good deal.

Apart from the Libote Sakura skincare products....

You can also purchase this Miracle Lash Serum for your lashes to enhance their growth!

Last picture with Yuko-san before I bid all of them good bye. I'd be back two weeks' later for my lower lash, and maybe some touch up on the upper ones!

MUSEE Crystal Tokyo is located at:
Plaza Singapura, #04-08C (after Nando's Chicken)
Appointment bookings are from 10AM to 10PM
Tel: 6884 3500

Remember to quote my name to entitle yourself a complimentary product! :)

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