[Adv] Do you know that there is an Estee Lauder application for your iPhone?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

That's right! Look out of the window now. If there's sun, can you tell the temperature for the day? Do you know how humid/dry the air is? And most importantly, what should you put on your skin now, that is most suitable to fight against the weather?

Now you can, with Estee Lauder's Cyberwhite 2011 iPhone app! Let me take you through step-by-step. First of all, go into your App Store and key in Estee Lauder. By then, you will see the application in your search screen.

Click on the FREE button to download, and now! Let's look at the app! First of all, you need to select your location:

I'm in Singapore, so obviously I'll click on the SG tab. This application is suitable for countries in Asia, as you can see. :)

Then you will see beautiful Hilary Rhoda, the face of Estee Lauder. Won't it be absolutely nice if we all have skin like hers?

Clicking on the Main Menu will give us a range of icons that we can play with:

First, let's click on the UV Advisor. This is when the app will use the GPS function to locate wherever you are.

So you would have to ALLOW the app to use your current location. But no worries, your privacy is still very much intact as your location will not be revealed to a third party. After you've allowed the app to define your location, it will tell you the temperature and humidity!

So on 8th of March, it was 27 degrees celcius and 79% humidity. It was a perfect morning! (Except that it was kinda cloudy, as you can see from the cloud icon on the left.) At the bottom, you can see a little "Do-You-Know" snippet that you can scroll and read. After which, you should click on the suggested products to explore the suitable skincare to use for the day.

As you can see, the suggested range of products will be lined up nicely for you. To look at more products from Estee Lauder's CyberWhite range, you can also go to The Collection tab at the main menu, where you can see the products divided into different categories.

The Essential Care, Intensive Care and Make Up. For the past few entries, we have been talking a lot on the Essential Care - the most important skincare for your face. :)

You can also explore the Intensive Care range if you are aiming for the ultimate fair skin, and of course, make up that enhances the whitening effect!

Having seen The Collection, let's go back to the Main Menu! Click on Videos to take a look at the TV commercial, and also an application tutorial.


After which, you should know Estee Lauder CyberWhite as well as you know your best friend. Then, you can check out how high your Whitening IQ is!

How much do you know about the sun, its UV radiation and the effects towards your skin?

But because you're my Super-readers.... *cough* don't say I never *cough* give correct answers. *cough cough*

I'm not sure if you've remembered that I did ask you girls to ask for samples to try before, but if you don't, you can request it via the iPhone app too!

And if you know where are the nearest stores to you, you can whip out your iPhone too!!

So I was at Woodlands area, and so, the nearest Estee Lauder counter to me would be the Causeway Point!

If you're thinking of going overseas to procure some Estee Lauder Cyberwhite products, you can also refer to their list of stores, made available all the way from Singapore to China.

Here's a list of Estee Lauder counters in Singapore. Clicking on one of the location also brings you to a Google Map on the exact location:

There! Simple isn't it?

What have you learned from these 4 posts on Estee Lauder?

Full Spectrum Brightening Moisture Creme, Brightening UV Protector (SPF50+++), Brightening Moisture Lotion and Brightening Essence.

  • The availability of Estee Lauder iPhone Application that tells you the humidity and temperature of the particular day, and tells you the suitable products to use. It also tells you where the nearest outlets are for your Signature Services, if you're looking for one!

And lastly,

  • How to vote for me so that you stand a chance to win not only a $200 hamper from Estee Lauder, but also a mini goodies bag from me!

This marks the end of the Estee Lauder campaign for all of us bloggers, voting ends on 25th March 2011, so till then, I will be praying that you guys will be one of the lucky winners to walk away with Estee Lauder products and my bit of goodies!

Have a great weekend!

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