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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How long have you guys been following thesuper-girl.blogspot/livejournal/wordpress.com?

Because if you've been following long enough, you would realize that Qian Zu Ge was actually one of my first few advertisers since early 2008, and they were the first and only company that sponsored me an awesome medicure session.

I'm always thankful for my initial sponsors and advertisers. Back then, I was just a little blogger bringing about 2,000 odd readers per month. They were the ones who saw the potential in me, and invested some of their business advertising with me. 3 years later, with a readership almost three times than before, I am glad they got me back again. :) (Although I'm still nowhere famous, or semi-famous lol)

This time, Qian Zu Ge is not only bigger, but better, and opens up till 3AM in the morning.

Want to go home, have dinner, sneak a nap before a massage session? No problem. Qian Zu Ge waits for you until you are free!

Apart from the traditional Chinese massage delivered by expert masseurs, Qian Zu Ge also offers a variety of body wellness programmes such as Sacred Oriental Treatments that include Ba Guan, Gua Sha, Tibetan Ear Candling; Facial that includes hydrating treatment, lightening facial, anti-wrinkles etc.

Qian Zu Ge has very generously offered me their exclusive Lifting & Toning treatment. Along with the Lipolysis and Body Detoxification Treatment, I was pampered for a good whole 2 hours!

There are several steps throughout the entire treatment, with the objective of achieving a slender part. You can choose to target certain stubborn parts (like the tummy, thighs etc.), or you can do an overall detox session.

For me, I choose to target the back of my pig trotters.

I wish I could provide more pictures for your reference, but unfortunately, it was difficult for me to take pictures because:

1) The room was dim so that you can have maximum relaxation - I'd have needed flash to make the picture work, and everyone knows it's damn rude and annoying to keep taking pictures while your masseur is trying to work her magic.

2) I really wanted to enjoy myself wtf.

Before we begun, my treatment personnel brought me to this really pretty bathroom to change into their pjs. Qian Zu Ge has a personalized locker for you to stuff all your barang-barang in there so that you can avoid the unnecessary clutter that may distract you from your enjoyment.

I laid down on this rather comfortably hard (you know, not the too soft kind of bed, but neither it is the kind where you get a sore neck after that) bed.

My therapist then whipped out the Dead Sea Salt with Aloe Vera Activator and Toner and begun massaging my thighs.

The Dead Sea Salt is very popular for wellness and health today because it is effective in reducing Arthritis' pain. It is said that the minerals from the Dead Sea were absorbed while soaking, stimulating blood circulation.

Apart from that, it is also effective in common skin ailments such as acne and psoriasis. If you have Dead Sea Salt, all you need to do is to soak the inflammed area in water mixed with the salt. The high concentration of Magnesium in the Sea Salt improves skin hydration greatly, and thereby reducing inflammation.

Most importantly, the Dead Sea Salt is the ingredient for detoxification and anti-ageing. Studies have shown that people who had gone through the Dead Sea Salt treatment has a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkle formation, wtf!

Basically, the machine is fixed with a little bowl-like shape that would provide suction somewhat similar to a vacuum cleaner.

The strength of the suction will be adjusted based on an individual's pain tolerance and how stubborn each part is. For me, I got my therapist to give me one of the stronger level because I know how stubborn my thighs can be!

So what my therapist did was to apply some lubricant over my thigh, and she went in an upward manner. It was as though she was attempting to transfer the fats on my thighs to my backside to make it perkier, or firmer.

I don't really know this process lasted for how long, but it was so comfortable, I very nearly fell asleep.

Shortly after the lifting and toning, my therapist then went through the Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Qian Zu Ge's in-house treatment essence.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a form of massage that encourages the propelling of lymph through the vessels in our body. The correct Lymphatic Drainage Massage will result in the receiver to experience lesser sinusitis and other chronic immune disorders.

The increased lymph flow will also "wash" away the toxins in the body, therefore achieving the detoxification effect.

After removing the toxins from my body, my therapist then put me through the Infra-red Ray Heat Treatment. I've tweeted/facebooked this earlier before.... (yes, the one some of you guys said I looked like I was in red light district LMAO!)

Why Infra-red?

Studies have proven that infra-red can lower blood pressure over time. It will help to dilate blood vessels and increase blood circulation, thus removing toxins more effectively.

Apart from that, a Canadian Journal of Diabetes study also found that infra-red therapy can induce weight loss, because a 30 minute infra-red session can burn up to 600 calories!

During the session, my body's temperature steadily increases. My body would then work harder to cool itself, thereby burning more calories while doing so.

While my body is vigorously trying to work the extra heat off, my therapist then proceeded on to the last step of the entire treatment: Body Wrap.

But before that, she thoroughly massages both my thighs with the in-house firming cream!

Here's how it looks like after the wrap. It is extended all the way, ending just at the bottom part of my butt.

Sorry can't show here. No butts allowed!


This Lipolysis and Body Detoxification program costs $212 per session of 2 hours. It will cost $296 per session of 2 hours if you get the Lipolysis and Body Detox treatment, along with the Lifting and Toning treatment.

But because you guys are Super-readers, you get 70% off when you quote "Jac Blogger"! (I know right, wtf Jac Blogger -___-)

Enjoy this detoxification treatment with 70% Off
Lifting & Toning Treatment @ $88.80 (u.p $296/120mins)
(format credits to dblchin!)

I think this is the best time to head down for some toning and lifting, since I'm sure most of us must have sinned so much by gobbling down all those fattening food over the week!


  • Offer is only valid for 1st time customers only
  • Advanced booking is required. Please call 62510055
  • Please quote "Jac Blogger" upon confirmation of appointment
  • Price is before 7% GST
  • Discounts cannot be used with other promotions or discounts
  • Discount code is only valid until 28 February 2011

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