Pre-Chinese New Year

Monday, February 07, 2011

The header above basically sums up whatever I've had done during the CNY wtf.

Hello everyone! I hope your Chinese New Year had been great, whether you're receiving those angbaos, or giving them!

I also hope that you are not suffering too much of a Monday Blues while at work today...... :x But if you are, long post of the pre-CNY happenings for you today because I'm all huddled up in blanket, sneezing my life away. I've just woken up and the blocked nose isn't allowing me to get back to sleep. -__-

Chinese New Year has been a rather great one for me (apart from falling ill wtf) because it's technically our last year taking ang bao without giving out any. :P

I mean, after you get married, you still get angbaos from your parents, don't you? Ok, at least my family has a tradition like this. The married-you will get angbaos from your elders (still), and then you give angbaos to your parents and those younger.

I like the idea! At least you don't go cold-turkey over those little red packets, hehehe.

This CNY, the entire family was more interested in nothing else about us other than our customary wedding that is coming up.

"Next year, your kid will be the one taking your angbaos for you!" they always say.

But no la, we are hoping for a dragon baby!

Oh wait. THAT IS NEXT YEAR ISN'T IT WTF??! (bimbo moment)

Please prepare room for guest's arrival. *speaking to my ovary*

Moving on from the topic of babies and angbaos, we shall talk about steamboat because we broke record for having the least amount of hotpots this year!

While I scroll down my Twitter feeds, I realize most of my friends are having their 3473525th steamboat session within the 3 days.

I have a love-hate relationship with hotpots, by the way.

It tastes awesome when the broth is good and the food is fresh. However, it tastes like shit when a pot lacks either one of them.

And it's hard to achieve both, don't you think so?

I stopped having steamboat sessions in those steamboat parlours because I get so insecure watching those raw pork and beef displayed so openly on the counter.

They think that by keeping the meat cool, contamination will not occur wtfisthatlogic??

Anyhow, both my steamboat sessions this year were awesome. The first one I had was over at Nian's colleague's place, and they had their soup CHARCOAL-BOILED omg!

We had so many people we had to open two tables. Hahahha BIG HOUSES FTW wtf.

And oh, I forgot. Apart from the soup and ingredients, the last but probably one of the most important thing for a chilli lover like me...


By far, I think Nian's grandmother makes the best sambal. Followed by the sambal at the table above.

It is super spicy but yet there's still a tinge of balachan fragrance OMG GIMME SOME SAMBAL NOW!!!

I realize when I get excited, I totally forgot about bolding or underlining my text. I just caps lock them wtf.

Of Workplace

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that our department has a themed dress code every first Friday of the month. A month ago, our theme was blue. Remember?

So this month's first last-day-of-the-week was in conjunction with the lunar new year and we all decided to come in floral motifs!

Daen came in this absolutely loud flower printed pants that I TOTALLY adore! It's so pretty I wish I have dead skinny legs to wear them too! :(

I wore a three-year-old floral cheong sam top, paired with skinny jeans.

Melly came back to look for us and he looks so cool with his leopard preens omg! I realized only 2 types of people can carry prints: Tall, or fair.

Otherwise you'd more than not look like the !kung bushman wearing your war trophy wtf.


We had initially toyed with the idea of having a red theme but wtf I realized I've got no red dresses at all.

And no pretty red blazer like Daen either.

Anyway, I cannot imagine wearing totally red from top to toe. People will start coming to me thinking I've got money to give them wtf. (walking ang bao)

So we ditched the idea.

We then toyed with the Rainbow theme, which every piece of clothings/accessories would have to be in a different colour of the 7 colours.

Too difficult. WTF that means no white or black! And most of my shoes are either white or black fml.

So I violently rejected the idea.

I think floral has got to be the best theme yet.... Also because I have a lot of floral dresses too!

I've got Days 1 and 2 all written out but I realized I am not someone who is capable of writing majorly long posts (extremely loh soh wtf), so Imma leave them to probably Wednesday or so. You know, break them up so that you'd keep coming back.


I can feel my medication kicking in so I'm gonna head right back into bed. Get well soon, me.

Bye ya'll!

(And  yes, TiW will be up as usual tomorrow!)

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