On The First Day of New Year My True Love Gave To Me...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 1 began over at Nian's paternal grandparents' place before camping for infinite hours at his maternal side. You would realize that there were no house visitings over at my side of the family because.... well just because.

Not that we don't get along well, we do! In fact, we have reunion dinners just like any other families, but we just don't practice visiting. Most of my family members are away overseas anyway!

First day of CNY was rather boring for me because apart from eating, and talking to the elders, I spent the whole day doing nothing else.

Nian and my MIL were busy battling on the mahjong table, but because all of them are experts, I dare not step in to give away my angbao money wtf. But the days get more and more exciting!

I spent the whole day at my favourite aunt's place. Actually, it's Nian's aunt.

And another actually, I cannot decide which aunts are my favourite. Both of his aunts are darlings to me!

Because there were more people this time, I had a chance at mahjong (which I lost $100 fml) and I moved on to Blackjack, which I lost another $20 or so. -___-

This was also where I had my second steamboat...... and watched The Green Hornet nearby.

**The below review of the movie may be severely biased because the author is an avid fan of Jay Chou, who plays Kato in the movie**

Now with my disclaimer said, can I now say that Jay Chou isn't as bad as what some of you people said?! :(

It's true that his English isn't as fantastic as Seth Rogen (who is btw white. How can someone compare a Taiwanese's English to a Canadian English, and expect the former to win, I have no idea.), but it isn't incomprehensibly bad.

I've seen/heard/read incomprehensibly bad English from people, trust me.

Besides, I don't think it's fair to mark him down with Seth Rogen talking so much all the time. It annoys me! -__-

Do you know how we calculate a team's possession in soccer? There will be a percentage every 10 minutes or so. If we were to use it for this movie, it will be Seth Rogan 80%, Jay Chou 20%.

In my opinion, the movie sucked. But not Jay Chou. He's just bad luck to be in the movie, but still, I see it as an experience. How often do you get to go into Hollywood?!

Besides, I enjoyed Kato's fighting scenes, and the Black Beauty. Nanananana~

Day Three started earlier because we were heading into JB with the rest of the Tan family to visit the remaining Tan family living in M'sia!
It's been so long since I last went into our Northern neighbour... I can't remember when was the last time!

2 years ago, I guess. But the jam is still as bad as ever. People are still pushing everywhere... nothing has really changed. LOL.

Nevertheless, Nian and I really enjoyed the trip very much because we get to see our relatives, eat awesome food and shop like mad. :P

I gave in to my diet for this once and had a good plate of Char Kway Teow along the street. Weeeet! :D

We also went shopping, and Nian bought me two pairs of shoes because they were going at 50% off wtf! (Buy one get one free!)

We also went to our usual restaurant for yet another round of lou hei + reunion dinner with the family in M'sia.

Mad love the food, especially the Cereal Prawns and brocolli with clams! They ordered my favourite Hotplate Tofu as well..... Looks like now everyone knows what they should order when they eat tze char with me..... :\

By the time I head back into SG in the evening, my flu became full-fledged and all I wanted was to go home to sleep.

Hubba said that the reason why Man Utd lost that night to Wolves was because his wifey was too sick to watch the game with him!

So sweet. I KNEW I had such powers to change the game! :P

Day Four started with a little bit of Monday Blues because I thought I would probably recover by the time evening comes, and I would totally be busting my last day of CNY celebration by being sick.

Nian organized a Friends Visiting Day for Day 4, and we went back to his colleague's place, who served the awesome steamboat just the week before!

I'm thankful that most of his colleagues and their families are cool with so many of us charging into their houses and making a whole lot of mess and noise. :p

I'm also thankful that I finally succumbed to the stupid flu, I bought Panadol Flu Max and it worked well (for that moment).

But there's something that I must bitch about to all of you!!!

You see, we went to this particular superior's house for visiting. This superior, I don't know, but he gave me this impression that he is pretty well to-do, judging from his rank and the things he says most of the time.

He's about 50ish.

And he gave us Big Sweep tickets as angbaos.

Ok, to set the record straight, we did not decide on a house-visiting day just so to collect angbaos. It's also perfectly alright if he doesn't give any as well... if he chooses not to.

But what pissed me off was when I asked him, "Uncle, why did you give us Big Sweep tickets instead of a $2?"
He said, "Why should I give you guys money??"

WTF wtfisthislogic!?!?

At least show some appreciation for your people, who took time and effort to come down to wish you a Happy New Year lor. You don't just go somewhere, buy some lottery tickets and then start giving them away like this leh!

Anyway, we got his monetary angbao by trashing him in Blackjack. He insisted that it was the colleague beside him who was unlucky, and passed the bad luck to him. -_____-||



I spent Monday and Tuesday resting at home, finally. Favourite Aunt #2 made steamboat again, and Favourite Aunt #3 bought lozenges for me.

Momsy and Popsy also finally came back from their holiday, with loads of goodies in tow. My life is now complete.

Have a great Wednesday ya'll! Happy Chinese New Year, still. :P

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