Of yet another client dinner!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It was the 9th day of Chinese New Year when my client decides to get us out to treat us something good for the new year!

The venue was fixed at Intercon's Man Fu Yuan (满福苑). It was rather exciting for me because it was my first time there.

Another reason why I love my job: I get to try out various food from places which I may never step in at all if not for work!

I was wearing ClubCouture's floral dress, coupled with a studded jacket to look a just a little bit more formal. I like the cutting of my jacket too, makes me taller and skinnier, wtf! :D

But talking about being skinny, I have been on a diet for quite a while. What to do la? I think this is a process most (not skinny) brides-to-be have to go through..........

It has been going well for me so far. I'm slowly but steadily reaching my target... although sometimes I wish it will take me a shorter time instead. Bleah.

Before I move on, can I rave Daen's pants like please?!? It's so beautifully laced it should be on me!

But then again, laced pants like these needs skinny legs to hold them. :(
Moving on, we had lou hei AGAIN.

Just as I thought I'd probably set a record for having the least steamboat sessions (which is btw 3 times through the entire CNY), I am on the other hand setting a record for my lou hei sessions wtf.

I haven't had so many lou heis for a long time! I think I only had one lou-hei last year, maybe two the year before. My family don't eat a lot of Yusheng cuz it is pretty unhealthy you see. I mean.. think about those excessive plum sauce, sesame oil and crackers.

So most of the time I just 意思意思 eat a mouth or two then that's that. Heck, I didn't even eat any bak kwa this year! Or those hei-bee-hiam, or love letters. Fucking proud of myself wtf! :D

But that pride didn't last long la... Obviously cuz the 8 course meal was so yummy, I had problems resisting!

My favourite dish is the cod, topped with sweet and spicy sauce. That one is sooooooooo niceeeee!!!

Next favourite is the lobster bee hoon, which I actually only took the lobster. Hehehe. Must conserve calories for subsequent dishes, like the Shark Fins broth.

Unlike normal Sharks Fins soup in thick broth, this one is done perfectly in milk broth! Tastes so sweet and nice, and the fins were SO HUGE please. I had a bit of guilt when I am eating this dish because I would always inevitably think about those sharks that were killed for their fins.

People always say that if there is no demand, there would be no supply.

I feel kinda bad to be part of the demand chain, whether I was the one ordering it or not. :(

This, I took these all for Samson.

You see I good friend or not la! He very jialat one I tell you, the last time I showed him a picture of me and Zhou Ying, he had very conveniently covered me away lor.

Sad until dunno like what. :___(

But since I've given him such clear, pretty pictures of Zhou Ying, I can now proceed to spam the pictures of me and her, and everyone else who were with us!

I hope you guys have had a fantastic Valentine's Day today, although like what all sour pusses like me will tell you...

You don't need to specially celebrate V-Day, because with the right person, every day is a Valentine's Day.

That's right, I am alone on Valentine's Day (and crashing my dad and mom's V-day dinner WTF) because Hubba Tan is activated to be on duty today. While I still get my V-Day present (actually also not really V-Day present, just cuz incentives are here, and it coincided with V-Day HAHA!), it's just different without him around... as usual.

No one to warm the bed and accidentally kok his head while I sleep.

Ok ah, cannot emo-nemo already. Faster go sleep oready, byeeeee!!!

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