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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello everyone!

Firstly, I must apologize to my readers that I've been pimping my blog so much that it had been advertisements after advertisements.

BUT! I must thank my advertisers who gives me ad opportunities after opportunities!

Anyways, life has been pretty much the same for me: I'm still doing PR, with not only an important meeting coming up, but I'm also involved in some exciting launches that had caused me to be spending days after days reading nothing but Consumer Tech.

I think next time, when I need to buy cameras/printers/TV/laptops, I will know spec(ification)s off my mind so well I will know what brands to get exactly!

To be honest, I hate Tech. I am never a techy kind of girl who can tell you what dpi means. Or even ppm for that matter. And you can imagine my horror when one of the accounts I lead... is a superbly huge consumer tech company.

But now, months into this account, I realize... I actually can be a rather Techy girl. I mean, not those hardcore Tech like some submarine system tech, or Microsoft kind of tech, but Tech enough to know wtf is going on when I read specifications.

So proud of myself!


I haven't been talking much about our wedding prep, because I'd really love to keep it within our closer friends. But I *think* it should be ok for me to reveal a little here and there, I guess... since we haven't really done anything much. LOL.

Nian and I are still pretty relaxed (even though we're technically down to less than a few months!). We just got chased by our boutique to start prepping for our gown selection. We've so far gotten our wedding favours and in the midst of designing our own invites... but that's that. For now.

Even though I'm pretty chill about the wedding, I am honestly pretty excited with the gown selections! I do hope my dieting pays off... and I'll look mad chio. Hehehe.

I'll post some photos up if I get the chance to snap them, okokok? *excited Bridezilla talking*

Nian and I caught Black Swan over the weekend as well, after much procrastination.

Have you guys watched the movie? I won't say it's fucking fantabulous or anything like that, but Natalie Portman's acting is remarkable!

I was a little disturbed when Beth thrusted her face with the nail filer though, and it was almost like a horror movie when she suddenly appeared at a corner of Nina's home. Seriously.

But I am so glad I caught it. It was such a beautiful movie, and with the psycho-ness Nina went through, I almost felt a sense of relieve for her at the end of it all.

Isn't it sad, when people are driven to mental instability because of someone else (spoiler: her dance instructor! I think he's completely demanding... seriously. Why need to have 1 dancer for both character? Just use Lily already!) ? I think things like that happen when you want things too badly. Or that you try to brainwash yourself in some way or another, and hope that the more you *think*, the more likely it will happen.

But I guess things don't usually go the way we want. Some of us can take it easily, while some, just go entirely mad.. imagining things that had never happened at all.

Freaky at how a mind can wreck a person.

Nina was pretty lucky though, in my opinion. At least, the play was perfect. She was perfect. In real life, while there are many people who are psychotic like Nina, but perhaps the reality is that they've never achieved perfection in any way.

It's very sad....


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