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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ever watched Step Up 3D?

The million dollar question..

There are many reasons why a dancer dances. Some for fame, some for friends... and most of all, for the love of it.

The passion, the groove, the thumping beat inside your heart and soul when you move along with it.

I love dancing, in fact, I dance a lot at home when I'm alone.

Dancing makes people happier, don't you think so?

Over the weekend, both Nian and I were invited to the Singapore Dance Delight 2011. Why volume 2?

Because this is the second year running!

With almost double the number of crews dancing this year, we expected not only Singaporean teams, but teams from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Afterall, what binds these crews are the pure passion of dance. It doesn't really matter how far each crew is from, because at the end of the day, it is what rocked the floor that counts.

And of course, who else but Sheik Heikel to host this prestigious dance event? I wish he'd rapped a little during the event though!. :P

We also snapped a lot of photos during the intermittent. See the tiny Sarsi can I was holding? It's actually a little can of wet tissue! How cute is that! =D

And since they have miniature cans, they must have gigantic cans... that were taller than I am.

Out of 48 teams taking part this year, only 20 will make it through to the final showdown at the Wavehouse on Saturday, 12 March 2011.

Admission to the finals and the after party is by ticket only. You can buy your tickets from O School (Tel: 6509 0016) at $20 (till March 8, 2011) or $25 (from March 9, 2011 onwards).

Ticket includes one housepour (18 years old and above) and entrance to Finals and the after party. Please visit http://www.dancedelight.sg/ for more information!

To show you how good this year's standards are, here's a performance by the 8th Avenue that I really like, but sadly, they didn't make it to Top 20. :(

So if 8th Avenue didn't make it, who did?

Another 16 includes:

1) Go Go Funky Rangers (Indonesia)
2) B.O.T.S (Born to Swag)
3) The Basic Five
4) Sickin Freak
5) I.DOT.M (I Dot M)
6) The Zoo Thailand
7) Free Frago
8) Househead
9) Sonic Vibe
10) Team Elite (Philippines)
11) Major Jam
12) Fantastic Forze Crew
13) Size-Zero
14) Rough Addicts
15) F4C Stars
16) Hit the Speed Limit

And of course, our adorable Sheik Heikel!

What, don't laugh ok. I thought it's sweet for him to be dancing for Annabelle Francis! <3

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So, will you be down at the Wavehouse on March 12? I know I would, because everyone is a dancer. And we are all born from the boombox.

Peace out!

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