[Adv] Down the Rabbit Hole with Shaw

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A few nights ago, Nian and I were once again, by the good grace of Shaw and Omy, invited to catch the premier of Rabbit Hole at the very new Nex Shopping Centre.

Nominated for four Indie Spirit Awards, including John Cameron Mitchell (Best Director), David Lindsay-Abaire (Best Screenplay), and Nicole Kidman (Best Female Lead) and Aaron Eckhart (Best Male Lead), this is indeed an interesting film to watch...

But it is not like any ordinary films, in my opinion.

I'm not sure how to really put it into words, but basically, this movie revolves around how a perfect family was destroyed, when their four-year-old son was ran down by a speeding teen. It spoke about how they carried a facade in their everyday life to show others that they were okay, it spoke about how a mother mourned for her child...

Both Nian and I were not exactly blown away by the movie, but rather, we were blown away by the cinema itself!

You see, when we were invited to the screening, we had the impression of a normal cinema setting, in a first-come-first-seat basis. It was a little stressful because if you're slightly later, you might end up in the front row seat.

But when we stepped into Shaw at Nex, this was what greeted us:

Freakin' reclinable sofa seats OMG!!!

While some of you may compare this to GV's Gold Class, I can tell you, this is a class of its own.

At least, Nian and I are seated closer together in Shaw's Premiere Screening. We can still hold hands while we enjoy the movie, which was something we couldn't do at the Gold Class. (What. You guys don't hold hands while watching movies one meh!?)

We were absolutely smitten with happiness. Afterall, we did miss this year's Valentine's Day because he was on duty, but this made up the lack, perfectly! :)

Nian and I loved the deluxe leather seats so much, we actually found ourselves discussing if we should purchase a similar pair for our living room when our apartment comes. The bottom part of the seat actually raises up as a leg rest as you recline your seat!

I am clearly impressed. Don't you???!

And by the way, you lucky Serangoon people, Shaw at Nex has the first premium halls to feature digital RealD 3D technology and to be located at a suburban district! That means, you can watch 3D movies in this comfy room too!

Apart from the awesome seats, Shaw Premiere Screening also offers a wide range of delicacies to choose from while you're enjoying your movie.

They even have a small lamp attached to each menu, so you would never need to hold up your handphone to light up your text forever. Hooray!

Hubba ordered us a bowl of sweet popcorns (cannot watch movie without popcorns for us, and it MUST BE SWEET!) and a serving of truffle fries.

My picture does no justice to those yummy food. Just look at all these yummies, under light!

Are you tempted already??

Here's something else to excite you further: Premiere is also available for private bookings and corporate events.

Want to propose to your fiancee? Want to celebrate someone's birthday, or anniversaries? Then look no further. Impress your guests with the exclusive lounge to wine and dine before the movie!

They even have a bar, whoa!

You can enjoy all these awesome Premiere Screening experiences with just $20.00 and $25.00 for off-peak (excluding opening titles) and peak periods respectively.

For 3D movie, tickets are priced at $25.00 for off-peak and $30.00 for peak.

Wow your date now, like seriously!

Mr. and Mrs. Tan singing off,


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