5 Things You Can Do For Your Girlfriend/Wife/Crush This V-Day

Friday, February 11, 2011

On Tuesday, Hubba and I were invited to a private screening of No Strings Attached. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, it is already a movie I'd probably never miss!

And here it is, 5 things you can do for your date this Valentine's Day, inspired from the movie. :P If you are wondering what you can buy for your (female) date, here's the post I've written last year!

When your girlfriend/wife says, "Do not get me flowers, they are expensive and I'd hate to watch them wilt!"

That doesn't mean you can't go creative and give her something else that resembled flowers, but yet affordable and well.. doesn't really wilt.

In the movie, Adam gave Emmaa (it's not a spelling mistake!) a bunch of carrots, carried upside down! I think the look on her face was classic.


But you can't deny that it takes a really witty person to think of it, and an even wittier person to laugh and carry it around!

It MAY be the world's oldest/most cliche action everrrrr but old romance die hard!

Buy her a whole bunch of balloons, bring her to the largest fields you can find (You can try Marina Barrage, but I'm pretty sure there would be another 5000 people doing the same shit on the same day wtf), and release those balloons!

If that's not romantic, you can go and die.

Alternatively, you can be like Adam. Show up at Emmaa's workplace, uninvited, unexpected... and give her a totally irrelevant balloon.

When I was seeing my ex, I love burning songs into CDs so that I can dump them in the car, listen and YELL (yes, yell. Thought you guys knew I was slightly crazy wtf?!) the songs along.

But these days, with the advancement of technology, Nian and I no longer burn CDs (he would put new songs into my phone instead and not tell me about it. He thinks it's funny to watch me go "OMGWTF THAT SONG! OMG THAT SONG! WHY ISSIT IN MY PHONE!!!! :D :D :D"), but I still think burning a CD of her favourite songs is one of the things that will make her best friends go, "Awwwwwww!!!"

Adam burnt Emmaa a "Period Mix" for her menses, just when she was cramping away. Oh, this works well too, but remember to bring something hot, like soup, and maybe some yummy doughnuts and/or chocolate.

Technically it's the sugar rush working, but you'd want her to be listening to the songs you've picked while she's feeling happier, right? :D

Nothing beats having a date making reservations to bring her out on that special day. It's not where you bring her to, but making reservations show that you actually prepared in advance, and that means a lot. Trust me.

You could even prepare a picnic for her, but I generally don't like the idea of having picnic in the night. You'd attract a lot of flies from the light, and when you're in the dark, you don't really get to see what you're eating... which may be a praying mantis. -__-

It will also be a great excuse if your ex-girlfriend actually asks you out for a date.... with her current beau. But make sure your date is a tough one though, and say it in her face, "No matter how many times I'll have to choose, I will always choose (insert your name)." when she's acting all bitchy and stupid.

The WHOA effect will x10 if your date happens to be waaaay good looking than that ex too!

Last, but definitely not the least, and definitely not to be attempted if...

1) You're below 16.
2) Your date is below 16.
3) You do not have his/her consent.
4) You do not have your/her parents' consent (But who asks them for opinions these days anyway :( )
5) You are not planning to do it the safe way. (Does not apply if you're married & it's okay if you are gonna have a kid)

Right. There! I've said it!

I've opened the Pandora box!

You see, this is something that is easier said than done. Many guys can boast that they are good with the deed, but how many are actually good at it?

The important thing is not only his "tool", but what makes it sexy, in my honest opinion, is how he cares for YOUR preference.

Afterall, there's this saying...

"If you want to keep a man and you're aiming at his stomach..... you're aiming a little too high."

I think it works both ways you know!


Now that I've shared 5 little things you can do for your date this Valentine's Day, I do hope you would have a fantastic and memorable one!

If you would like to have more ideas/no time/no money to do all these nonsense, you can get them all by watching this comedy with romance. (Notice it's not a romantic comedy?)

It's releasing it's preview on 12 February and actual movie on 17 Feb.

Happy V-Day in advance!

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  1. Thanks for this awesome tips. I'm sure this works, even in regular days.


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