Tuesdays iWANT #19 - Bio Essence Shape V Face Series!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Previously, you guys and girls must have read about how great Bio-essence BB Creams are in terms of coverage, sun block properties, anti-wrinkle properties.. and anti-pimples formula.

However, like many skincare gurus will tell you over and over again, that you must not only learn the art of concealing flaws, you must prevent flaws in the first place.

With proper skincare regime, you not only need not conceal flaws, you can make use of BB Creams to further amplify your "glow".

Let me introduce you Bio-Essence's Shape V Face Series from left to right - Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP, Radiant Youth Essence with ATP and Face Lifting Cream with ATP.

Notice that all three products contain ATP?

And remember I mentioned that if I get into Top 10, I will reveal what ATP is?

If you're lazy to read the beautiful text above, ATP is a source of energy used by the body. When skincare products are enriched with ATP, they are able to improve the regeneration of skin cells to restore suppleness, radiance, firmness and a graceful glow.

All 7 products from the Bio-Essence range consists of this ATP, which is why it puts them an edge over other competitors.

Out of the 7 products, we are specifically going into the Exfoliate, Skin Reborn and Instant Facelift.

The Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP (left) provides cells with energy to reduce signs of ageing. Apart from that, it is also able to gently but thoroughly remove dead skin cells.

Apart from removing blackheads painlessly, this Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP also lightens pimples and scars and helps to control shine. The greyish gel provides a refreshing feel when you apply them across your dry face.

These white flakes you see on my face are the layers of dead skin cells removed painlessly. Apart from that, this innovative gel also provides essential nutrients to the skin, nourishing it with its generous herbal nutrients, resulting in a fairer, brighter and smoother skin.

The thorough removal of dead skin also allows the skin to "breathe" better, and absorb subsequent skincare items better.

The Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence with ATP is made up of a clear, smooth and lightweight fluid. Similarly, the ATP fights signs of ageing. This essence is also jam-packed with 95% Green Tea extract, completed with the ability to pump its anti-oxidant properties gracefully into the skin.

This greatly reduces free radical damage to the skin, which is often the cause of wrinkles.

Apart from that, the fine molecules from the Youth Essence penetrate deeply and quickly into the skin, locking in moisture but leaving the skin soft and smooth, without a trace of sickening oiliness.

Finally, leaving the best to the last, is the award-winning Face Lifting Cream with ATP.

This Cream can not only firm up one's facial shape to create a V-shaped face, it also able to lighten up fine lines between the nose and the lips.

Firming sagging skin, brighten dull complexion and achieving flawless skin has never been easier!

The amount you need is about the size of a 20 cents coin. Distributing across your face evenly, remember, the right way to go is UP. Keep circulating upwards until the cream is fully absorbed into the skin, pretty easy peasy eh? ;)

You can even apply it on your neck to prevent dblchin! :P

Because Bio-Essence is so confident with their product, they've even included a mini measuring tape for you to test it out yourself.

Measuring from one side of my ear to the other, the measuring tape read 24.4cm before the application of the Face Lifting Cream.

I then took a shower, leaving the cream to work its ATP magic for about 20 minutes.

I lost 0.4cm in 20 minutes!

After this less-than-rigorous but highly effective skincare regime, my skin is preped up for a hectic day the next day. I can then decide which BB Cream I would like to use: the 10-in-1 Multi Effects Platinum BB Cream for whitening, the 8-in-1 Multi Effects BB Cream for coverage or the Aqua BB Cream for hydration.

If you have trouble selecting a suitable one, maybe you should use this widget:

Click on image to get into the widget! He will tell you which BB Cream is the best for you depending on your skin type and problems.

Now you'd never need to worry about using an unsuitable BB Cream ever again! :)


On a last note, I am still rallying votes for my video, and it would be incredibly awesome if you readers could vote for me!

I'm *this* close to the Korea trip, all I need is all of you to give me a teeny weeny push!

And with that, you may stand a chance to win Reds Salon vouchers! (Please leave a comment after you've voted so that you can qualify for the lucky draw)

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Thank you, and goodnight. :*)

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