Tuesdays iWANT #18 - COACH & Kate Spade bags!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello everyone!! I know right, today's Friday, what TUESDAYS iWANT are we talking about!?!?

Well, good things are worth waiting la~~! While I'm extremely apologetic to have my readers wait up to three days for this week's TiW, you'd be sure this is something you wouldn't wanna miss!

So last week, I recommended everyone to one of the best blogshops to grab their Chinese New Year clothings.

But..... It is simply not justifiable to have fresh new clothes, but carrying an old bag from the previous years, right?!

I love bags. While I'm not a brand-conscious person (I'd love to own a Prada some day though), Coach and Kate Spade can hardly escape my eyes when I go window shopping!

If you were to ask me to choose between Coach or Kate Spade about 5 years back, I'd not bat an eyelid and go for Coach.

Why? Because Coach was so popular then!

Wait a minute. I mean, Coach is still popular now, but because as I grow older, my taste starts to shift. Kinda like how you look for different kinda guys when you grow older (I'm in the midst of doing a post on this! INTERESTING!)...

So, the 25-year-old me very much prefer Kate Spade now.

The amusing thing is that, despite liking them for the past 5 years, I've had not bought any Coach or Kate Spade items. The only Coach I have was this white wristlet that an ex bought for me, when I was in Bangkok:


Pretty right!!!!

Except that it wasn't really cheap. (Yes, even in Bangkok.)

But because as I grew older, I grew wiser. I start to understand the true meaning of Internet, and I found...

Spyuan00 spree site!

Unlike most spree sites where you have to pay huge sums of money in advance and then wait miserably for your items to come (sometimes up to months!), at Spyuan00, they have ready stocks.

That means, you get your price at spree prices (saving hell lots on shipping!), but yet getting your item almost immediately.

You not only save money, you save time too.

Take this Meribel Stevie bag for example:

 Cannot decide between the black or pink one!!!

It would probably cost USD$255 in the States, where Kate Spade is considered "cheap". Converting it to SGD with the current rate will be awesome for anyone who is buying there... and that will come up to about $327.

Not inclusive of shipping.

Assuming that it takes about $50 to ship the bag back to Singapore, this Meribel Stevie bag would have already come up to $377. Almost close to the price offered in Singapore's Kate Spade stores!

At Spyuan00, each of these beauties costs only $300. Delivered to your doorstep.


  1. There are no hidden charges (I do know of online sellers who charge exorbitant prices for delivery/postage!). 
  2. And since the bag is delivered to your doorstep, you can check your bag on the spot and report of any defects immediately.
Hands up for those who has received goods that don't match what you ordered. *raises both hands*

And oh! If you quote 'thesupergirl', you will get 5% off! (For items >$200)

Here's a *pink* Laptop Bag Tote ($350, $333 only when you quote 'thesupergirl') from Coach:

Can reuse this bag next time to store diapers if you have baby!

You'd be like one of the chic moms down the street weee-weet!

I cannot resist the green, omg!!! And this Chelsea Wristlet only costs $90 wtf? (Quote 'thesupergirl' to get $2 for any items below $200)


And may I add that I REAAAAAALLLYYYY like this Leroy Street Web Quinn ($250)????? It just screams ME please!

Dark and serious on the outside, but jolly fun and sunshine on the inside! (Just like meeeee!!! HAHAHAHAHA)

But it's sold out already. Spyuan00, can you bring this in please!? I promise I'll buy!

Now you know where to get cheap, chic bags... No excuses for ugly bags this CNY!

 'thesupergirl' quote valid until Feb only.

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  1. i like the black bag (with inner colourful stripes) too!! are they bringing it in?!?!?!



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