Tuesdays iWANT #17 - The Closet Ville!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Tuesdays, everybody!

I'm sure at this point of time, with only 3 weeks to CNY, everyone should have started, somehow or another, with their CNY clothings!

Have you started yet? :)

Fret not if you haven't, because today's TiW will tell you where to get quality apparels at affordable rates!

Let me introduce...

Be amazed by the huge range of collection The Closet Ville can offer! Unlike ordinary blogshops which introduces their new apparels in launches, TCV does otherwise: They update their collection with new inventories every other day.

What does this mean?

It means that you can expect new items almost every other time you visit their website! Hooray to not needing to wait for launches anymore!

Here are some of the apparels you can expect to find:

You can choose from colourful hues such as these above and below... (I really like the polka dotted maxi dress below! Geez... did I just mention polka dots again? :D)

Or these Black and White apparels for the serious edge at work!

Let me show you guys what The Closet Ville has sponsored me:

I picked out this very corporate, serious but chic looking Corporate Classic Dress ($24.90, now sold out) and a cute Casual Safari Shirt in Cream ($23, black sold out).


I'll upload the pictures as and when amidst other posts, so that you girls can have some ideas where you can wear these pretty dresses to!

Free Returns Policy

Because The Closet Ville understands the difficulty of online shopping - the difference in sizes, colour, length.... whatever. So, TCV allows FULL CASH refunds if you don't like what you've bought!

I love the idea of it already! Now, I wouldn't need to give my clothes away or attempt to sell it off in disappointment because it wouldn't fit me.

I can always go back to The Closet Ville to have it refunded or exchanged. Awesome. :D


If you sign up to be a TCV Member, you get to earn points when you make a purchase. And what can you do with these points?

1) Redeem apparels for FREE
2) Redeem points for discounts

By the way, do you know that you can redeem the points for other items, such as the Starbucks card, Universal Studios tickets (omg! *rubs eyes in disbelief*) and Ben and Jerry's vouchers?

I want to go USS please!!!

By being a TCV Member also means that if you refer your friends to make a purchase, you get to earn 50 points! That's like $2.50 worth of credits~~

Who pays you to get your friends to shop with you anyways? :P

Before I go off, here's another goodie for you, from the good people of The Closet Ville:

If you join TCV on their facebook page, you get to get exclusive offers too. :)

Now, let's go get ready for the Chinese New Year!

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