Tuesdays iWANT #16 - Crizal Lens, Part 2

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first TiW for the year!! (And edited with new header!)

To start things off, I'm very excited to be reviewing Crizal lenses again. :) You would have seen my previous post on it when I was [in Perth] (on its anti-reflection property), and then a short mention when I was [in Phuket].

When we were in Phuket, Nian and I met with torrential rains for 3 consecutive days! Doesn't help that I didn't have my Crizal-fitted specs... my glasses were fogged up and dotted with droplets of rainwater most of the time. :(

As you can see from this picture, Nian is wearing a Crizal fitted specs, while me, being cheapo, didn't bring mine along.

Here's a closer look to the comparison of non-Crizal lens (left) and the Crizal lens (right).

Apart from being reflection-free and repels those annoying water droplets off your lens, Crizal lens is also able to help you against other harmful elements such as dust, fingerprints and scratches.

Let's recap the awesome properties!


This greatly solves the bad habit of mine - dumping my specs into my bag as soon as I don't need it.

Don't ask me why I don't like to put it in a case, simply cuz I'm too lazy to do so!

With Crizal lenses, I only need to worry that my frames won't be able to take the nonsensical way I handle my glasses!

Smudge Resistance

Nian personally love this property the best because he can actually use his finger to swipe particles off his lens without actually smudging the lens AT ALL. Anyways, it's not that often we get dust particles stuck to our lenses because Crizal lens is also....

Dust Repellent

How awesome is that!??!?

If every optical shop only carry Crizal lens, they can save money on giving out spectacle cloths (and maybe spectacle cases) already!

And how nice it will be... if my Oakley shades are made with Crizal lens too. *stares at the smudge angrily*

Mirrors should be layered with Crizal lens too, cuz that way, we won't EVER need to clean those mirrors hanging up there because no dust will accumulate! :D

How about the faces of watches? That should be made with Crizal lenses too. That way, we'll never worry about scratching our watches anymore!


Crizal lenses are divided into three tiers as seen below:

Nian and I are generously sponsored the Crizal Advanced lens, retailing at a minimum $110 per pair. (Ours add up to $1000 for both pairs!)

Crizal Standard is retailing from $60 and Crizal Easy is from $90.

All these prices are subjected to the degree of your myopia, whether you have astigmatism, whether you want transition lens (yes! Crizal has transition lens too!) and guess what?

You can use Crizal even when you have presbyoia (lao hua, long-sightedness) too!

For more information, you can check out [Crizal's Website] or consult any of your optometrist now. :)

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