Saturday, January 01, 2011

To the brand new year, that is!

I'm rather excited as I am typing this post, not because I'm out and about partying... (I had my fair share last night, don't remind me pls! :P) but there's so much in store for the coming year!

Of course, like every year, I, like any other bloggers, sum up the year. Today, I've done up the TOP 10 of 2010!

Not just the good things, I've also compiled the 10 best things I've tried in terms of skincare... and top 10 WTF-moments of 2010!

So let's begin!

In no order, here are the top 10 things that I exceptionally love about 2010:

1. We got married!

Duh, this is most likely not just one of the Top 10 happenings of the year, but more likely it has made it to the Top 10 MOMENTS OF MY LIFE.

2. We graduated! 

Yes, after 2 whole years of studying, Nian and I finally graduated with me in Communications, and him Sports Science.

3. We celebrated Valentine's Day in Japan!

And saw snow together! I don't know what can be more romantic than this.... heehee.

4. Celebrated our 2nd year anniversary in Perth

One of my favourite countries with my favourite boy. Strawberry picking, kangaroo watching, long-distance driving, koala-sighting... :D

5. Did a half marathon

Which completed one of my resolutions set in 2009! It was a crazy run.... and until now, I couldn't understand how I did it.The process was painful, obviously because I hadn't trained enough! Till then, I hope I can run more halves this coming year!

6. Became one of the jie meis for my XY

What else can I say?! Being one of the sisters for my beloved god-sis is probably the least I could have done. :)

7. Our first trip to Phuket

And us riding in the rain, without helmets, screaming our lungs out against the strong howling wind, watching Star Trek over and over again.... I don't know how to travel without my best companion already. :)

8. Found a job

Not just a job per se, but a job that I actually look forward to every single day! I have rockin' colleagues who make me laugh every day, exciting things boiling behind every cubicle...

And most importantly, they are not just colleagues. They are my friends. :)

9. Met up with my Primary School friends

12 years! We haven't seen each other for 12 years and now! Gosh... I love finding my old friends, and realize that they were exactly where we left off. And we took it off from there, same way, same style, same craziness.

10. Maintained friendship with people who matters

My Serene, Wendy, XY, Kelly, Kat, Von and Tiff, for all your encouragements when I am down, for standing up for me when I get bullied, for laughing at my jokes, for giving me advices when I am lost and most importantly...

Picking me up when I fell.

I wouldn't be who I am today if not for you girls! Thank you for constantly making the effort to meet up... actually, yah lah. For accepting me for who I am and loving me anyway. :)


The Top 10 WTF moments are rather, the not so good side of my year. I wasn't sure if I should be sharing it, but after thinking about it, why not?

I mean, how "real" can a person's life be, when it is always good but never bad?

I think the most important thing from all these WTF moments, is to learn from it.

1. An ex called to shout at me

Yeah, I think this one really made it to my top 10 WTF moments because firstly, I no longer saved his number, so I sounded really chirpy when I picked up his phone. -____-

Nobody should sound chirpy to their ex, especially if they ended in a bad note!

Anyway, the entire phone conversation was epic level 99 wtf moment because we both had no idea what we were talking about.

How should I put it?

He thinks that he was reading my blog because this "blog" (obviously not this one) had my pictures, had Nian's pictures and my friends' pictures. And in that "blog", I was scolding his girlfriend.

I didn't know what he was talking about because I haven't been scolding his girlfriend (duh), and he couldn't be sure if the blog that he was reading was indeed my blog cuz I told him that his girlfriend's blog had my pictures, Nian's pictures and my friends' pictures as well.

Confusion max. He then put down the phone abruptly, leaving me looking up at my friends and burst out laughing with a... "wtf?"

2. I got accused of picking a fight with someone in Perth

LOL I really didn't understand where this came from. So... did I win the fight?

Wait a minute. I didn't even know what kinda fight it was! Was it the Street Fighter kinda fight where I would do a helicopter kick ala Chun Li, and that fella fell flat...? Or was it the scolding kinda fight?

I don't know what to say about this because I didn't even know I was involved in a fight. Or picking up a fight. LOL.

3. I helped someone a favour, and got bitched back in return

'Nuff said. I promptly removed the person in question from my imaginary friendship list.

4. I only won 2 games of Monopoly Deal out of the countless I've played

I dunno!! Is it the problem with my strategy or what?!?!

Come my fellow Monopoly Deal mates, let's deal it again. I'm sure 2011 will be a better year of strategies!

5. I got a ridiculous tan-line that I don't remember how

Took a long time for me to decide to re-put this picture up because I I took the picture away in the end because I really don't know what people will do to my bare-back picture!!!!

But just imagine an ultra tanned back with white portion where the sports bra lie. D: For livejournal friends, you can see [this post] for the picture!

6. CCH almost swallowed a piece of glass during our meet up at Marche

And they merely gave us free ice-cream vouchers.... I know right, WTF.

7. The longest and most WTF dream I've ever had.

You can read [here].

8. Chopping my hair off

It only turned out to be a WTF-moment like recently, cuz I MISS MY LONG HAIR SO MUCH. T____T

9. Perming my hair

I love how cute it looked, but this, totally WRECKED MY HAIR INTO SOME DRIED UP SHIT.

10. Conquering the steep slope to McRitchie Tree Top Walk


This video says it all. -_____-


And of course, last, but definitely not the least, my Top 10 skincare products that YOU can try for the new year!

In no order of merit, here are some of my holy grail products I swear by:

1. Hada Labo AHA BHA scrub

I use the one on the left! You can read my past review [here]. Basically, I think this scrub works really well - you don't feel those micro beads, but yet, the skin becomes supple and soft immediately after wash!

2. Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

Also one of the items that have been reviewed for 2010, this Cotton Facial Sheet quickly became my favourite because I don't need to stand in front of the sink to remove my make up ever again. Nowadays, I sit in front of my laptop/TV/my husband and talk to him while I remove those paint.

3. Watson's Bird Nest Masks

This was once available at thesamplestore, but because this item was so popular, it is now out of stock! Retailing at $20 for 2 boxes of 6 each (current promotion), I think it's a good time to buy!

4. My Beauty Diary Mask - Black Pearl

This tightening and whitening mask is what I usually use, apart from the Watson's Birdnest mask. This is retailing at about $15 per box from Watsons as well, iirc! Slightly cheaper than the Bird nest mask, that's for sure!

5. The Face Shop's Su Hyang Snow Balancing Fluid

Ahhhhhh I love the smell of this balancing fluid! Used at night, it makes me sleep so well, it's unbelivable! The only thing I dislike about this is the lack of pump. So when the bottle is near-empty, you'd see me spending 5 minutes banging it's base to have more fluid flowing out.

Something like shaking ketchup out of the bottle, if you get what I mean. -____-

6. Ginvera Marvel Gel Whitening

Similar to the Hada Labo scrub, this is one scrub that doesn't "scratch" you with micro-beads, but still do the scrubbing really well! You can read [here] for the past review. :)

7. b.liv Glow and Shine Skin Smoothening Mask

By now, you guys should know how much a sucker I am for masks...... In fact, I love facial masks so much I can do it every single day!

I experienced much smoother skin from this glow and shine mask, and therefore, I am still religiously using it. I'm well known to throw/give away products that are not suitable, doesn't matter if they are still full or not. Reviews [here]!

8. Clindagel

Sorry, this is one of the best pics I can find online already! I've been using Clindagel since 2008, and have not replaced this with any other pimple gel!

As raved before, I like how it can "cool" aggravated pimples overnight, and helps it to "dry" up those nasty heads.

Just to scare you guys a bit, here's how my forehead looked 2 years back:

Yes, it was like shit. Even my mom couldn't take it! -___-

I had to consult a dermatologist, stayed away from facials, sunblock, scrubs, masks, make up remover... It was a very dark period for my skin, IMO.

Not sure if this picture is clear to show my forehead now, but I'm glad I won those fuckin' pimples! :D

9. Eucerine Dermo-Purifier Cream Gel

Similar to the Clindagel, I also find this Eucerine version pretty useful too. Great for me because I don't know where else to get Clindagel apart from my dermatologist, and she is very expensive. -___- So this is a cheap replacement I use for the not-so-scary pimples I get once in a while.

You can read the review [here].

10. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

I decided to buy this to try because I've been reading so much magazines, and no thanks to their PR, there were sooooo many coverage on this product at one time!

Convinced by the journalists from various female magazines, I bought this cheap from Rin, who lugged it all the way back from Hong Kong! I may do up a review on this soon, if I have the time, so stay tuned!


So that's that, ladies! I've summed up my 2010 rather considerably, and looking at the clock now, it's already 2AM!

I can now say that I've blogged continuously from 2010 to 2011. Hahaha!

To end it off, here was my resolution for the year 2010, exactly one year ago:

  • Run a half marathon!
  • Shed 7KGs by September 2010
  • Do well for my degree! Well as in at least 2 Distinctions with every 3 modules I take. (I'm graduating next year already can you believe it!?!?)
  • Not bitch about people too much! Yes, even if they bitch about me because that will make THEM a bitch, not me! :D

I still didn't manage the $10K, unfortunately. I cleared the resolution of running a half marathon and doing well for my degree. I didn't lose 7kgs, but I am glad I didn't gain more!

As for the bitching part.... all I can say is that I'm trying. Heehee.

So what would it be this year? I hope that I'd:
  • Be early for work!
  • Appreciate the little things my husband does for me
  • Control my temper a little more
  • Continue to take care of my skin and health
  • Save $10K (... and then proceed to spend them all on honeymoon and wedding dinner)
  • Lose 1 KG a month
  • Be a better friend
  • Procrastinate less
This is one whole lot of stuff to fulfill, as compared to previous years but really! It's all for the good isn't it? :)

Happy 2011 y'all!

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  1. I saw my name, I saw my name! How sweet of you! Write about the sleeping pack ya? :D *must try ya know!*
    Btw... I failed on my savings of 10K too! HAHA! Let's work hard this year!

    Hola great 2011 for you, babe! Hack and whack all bitches! :D

  2. Heehee gotta thank you for making a trip all the way down to meet me! <3

    I've packed some new stuff for the new year, super excited!!! :P


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