Of why it's difficult losing weight

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Every time I tell people, "Thank you but I can't eat anymore! I'm on a diet!", people will always give me the amused look and go, "But why? You don't need a diet."

I know these people are kind, but in true honesty, I think I can make do with another few kilos off my butt.

Besides, my Chinese Wedding is round the corner, it would totally sucked if the only time I wear my wedding gown, I'm bursting out of it wtf. -___-

Then again, everyone would agree that dieting is hard.

Especially so when the festive season is here, and clients and working partners start piling the office up with pineapple tarts.. and when I head home, my mum and mother-in-law also start to pile all sorts of goodies on the table.

And very recently, apart from the media feasting at OverTime, we've also had a couple of client lunches.

The last client lunch brought us to Prive, at Keppel Bay.

I was surprised at where we were seated because the last time I went, was 2 years back for my birthday. The Prive Bakery and the actual restaurant had since swapped places!

Lunch at Prive will be a really romantic affair, if you are having lunch with your very-rich boyfriend during office lunch break. Otherwise, it is pretty conducive for office discussions too.

They only serve set meals during lunch time, which was good because you'd quit cracking your head selecting something you like out of the many dishes that sounded damn delicious.

Baskets of bread, butter and salt were served as lunch snacks, just before the appetizers. The OCD me loves how flat the butter is, perfectly fitting into the little dish!


This is some porky-slices my colleague, Darlene, ordered. The brown piece below was actually bread, but it was so tough, her bread flew away when she tried to cut it. Besides, the slice of pork above just reminded me too much of luncheon meat.

Having Luncheon meat during luncheon. LOLOL.


Another colly, Ryan, ordered this Roasted Beef stuffed with some nonsense which I don't know, neither can I taste them out. But this Roasted Beef was good!


I went for the seared scallops which was not too bad. The scallops were crunchy and fresh, and the asparagus were not too hard to chew down. The bad thing was the paprika powder.... It was so concentrated, I had to scrape them off before eating. Otherwise I think I'd definitely choke on it wtf.


And we had two bottles of red!!! So since the red has arrived, I shelved the thoughts of having raw tuna. I like my seafood with white wine.... :D


Darlene feels very "porky" that day so she ordered another pork for her mains. Btw, I would recommend my readers NOT to order this pork because it was so tough, I nearly mastered a square jaw chewing them. -___-


The raw tuna (inside's raw!) with soba (?), from Ryan, which was good, as expected.


I ordered a Sirloin Steak to go with my red wine! Weeeeeee I'm a gourmet in the making wtf! 

The steak wasn't too bad, except that it was a little too done at the edges.

The difficult part about cooking steak are the edges, in my opinion. I hardly tasted steak that were done to perfection at the sides...

But to be fair, I am very particular about the done-ness of my beef. If I want it medium rare, I must see a red, warm center. Not pink, not brown. And if it's not warm, you might as well give me rare.

Having said that, I think I would only give 3 out of 5 stars for this steak. I'm still on a look-out for the 5 star ones!


We ended our client lunch with dessert. Majority of us ordered the hazelnut chocolate cake, which was okay.... I'd have preferred molten lava chocolate though!

Verdict: I still very much prefer the dinner menu I had 2 years back (if there were no changes, that is!), the beef was much smoother and less tough. No comments about the pasta, since I didn't try it this time.

Maybe you guys should go on a weekday night! I think it will be deliriously romantic.... if it doesn't rain. :P


We headed back to office after a fulfilling lunch, but not before I stopped over at Secret Recipe to grab Captain Daen's birthday cake!

It's a long story why I decided to call him Captain Daen, so I shall leave the story till next time. Daen turned 30+ years old just last week (he doesn't look like he's even 30, does he!?), and the office peeps bought him cheesecake! :)))

I tell you, his photo-patterns more than badminton. (As you can see later.)

Us, being us, also had more patterns than badminton. Instead of sticking in the actual number of candles in accordance to his age, we translated majority of it into tiny candles and stuck all over the cake!

Want to make him blow candles until he asthma attack lor wtf. :P But then again, not that he has asthma so don't worry, candle-blowing didn't kill him at all! :)

You'd realize the cake is off centre, also because of me. You see, it was raining, and Secret Recipe was two streets away from my office. Running across the street = getting caught in the rain...

So I obviously had to run. Little did I expect the cake to run along with me... wtf.

So the day ended off with me totally busting my calories budget.... and not to mention that I had a ginormous steamboat party for dinner just the next day!

I think all of you can grow fat with me by reading my food posts HAHAHAHA!

Ok, happy SunRainday!

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