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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can give you 10 reasons off-hand why I don't like watching Chinese movies... especially on a weekend. One of the reasons is that they get made into DVDs real fast, and somehow, online streamings seem to upload Chinese movies pretty quickly as well.

So imagine barely 2 months watching the movie, you see the very DVD selling in your nearest store. -__-

But that being said, both Nian and I haven't watched a single English movie for 2011!

So much for not liking to watch Chinese movies, wtf.

And of all movies, Nian and I gave our virgin movie 2011 to a local film some more.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like local films. I do - in fact, my favourite local film is still 881! But I'm so bored with J-Team's movie style... It's the same old shit, in different names.

Nian decided to bring me out to catch it because his colleagues went a week before us and they thought that the movie was pretty funny.

My verdict?

I think the first part of the movie was quite stupid.

Basically, the entire movie is split into two different stories, something like 陰陽路 (famous Hong Kong horror movie). The first part was about what else..... but Army. -___-

It was about these two guys who were back for reservist, and they had to do their last outfield. Both of them were trying to weasel their way out because outfield was too tough, and they only had the intention to slack their last cycle of reservist away.

So they were telling their CO that the forest they were going to was haunted by this red-dress lady, who took numerous soldiers' lives. In between there were several slight humour to it that was pretty funny, like how Chua En Lai sweared at them in half English and Hokkien.

But after a while, it got annoying.

Especially the part where 周崇庆 died and came back as a ghost, and Chua En Lai didn't believe him.

Oh-my-god. That part sucked. It was so draggy I was half hoping 周崇庆 drop an eyeball/start floating/run through his CO or something so that Chua En Lai would believe him already.

Muthu was really funny in the movie though. To be honest, he was the only funny one. The rest of the cast were blaghhhh.

And the ending to the first part was so haphazard it kinda left me with a bewildered look and go, "Oh. And they died?????"


The 2nd part of the movie was way better, in my opinion. In fact, it spooked me out after the movie. D:

Talking about Henry Thia being poor all his life, Mark Lee brought him to the cemetry to "borrow luck" from those who have passed on.

Henry Thia then asked to strike a big prize in 4D, and in return, he would deliver 5 lorries of "gold" and "silver" to thank the ghosts who lent him their luck. While he was leaving the cemetry, he found a little purse. Mark Lee warned him not to pick it up, but he went against his warnings and did it anyway. When he was warned not to open the purse and wear the bangle found inside, he did it anyway. He told Mark Lee that it was "fate".

True enough, the following week, Henry struck $300,000. He quit his job and indulged in gambling, going to night clubs and massaging... All sorts of nonsense you can think of.

So one day, he saw urns everywhere. And he got freaked out.

He consulted Mark Lee, who then reminded him that he had forgotten to return whatever he had promised. By then, it was too late. Henry Thia had spent/lost all his money.

Mark Lee then told him to marry a particular Ghost Bride, and promised him that he would strike it rich even further. Without considerations, Henry Thia agreed.

Cutting long story short, Henry Thia was eventually killed - by no one but his bride.


This freaked me out to a certain extend because I HAVE heard of people making deals with these supernatural beings - from "borrowing luck" to having little "toyols" to help them steal money. And more often than not, most of them had to sacrifice one way or another.

A colleague actually told us a story about having toyols, and how difficult it is to get rid of them because they always come back to the owner. Imagine something that you can never get rid of, no matter how hard you try. :\ (I do have this experience, but it's not a thing, more like a human being lol.)

Anyway, rumour has it that the only way of getting rid of them, was to leave them at a cross junction.

Apparently, because at a cross-road, these little beings cannot tell which way is the right way home. And that is also why, cross-junctions are really pretty haunted.

To watch? Maybe wait for the DVD to come out.


Yesterday, Nian suggested catching a movie. I actually like doing things like this without rhyme or reason. In the past, I'm always the someone who would plan a lot - Monday we will do this, Tuesday this, Wednesday that...

But wtf, I realized if you truly enjoy a person's company, you wouldn't need to plan for anything. Things will just be fun on its own, don't you think so? :)

And if you plan too much, your other half then takes planning a backseat. It will always be you who is suggesting places to go, things to eat and stuff to see. And then we girls will complain that our bfs/husbands always say, "Anything la~" :P

Hubba wanted to bring me to catch The Green Hornet plainly because I'm a Jay Chou fan. But the cinema we went to didn't have the movie yet, so we had to settle for something else - Shaolin.

Wow, a movie with so much stars: Nicholas Tse, Andy Lau and Jackie Chan. It had to be good somehow innit?

Andy Lau starred as a ruthless warlord who believed that if he does not take advantage while he had the upper hand, he would in turn get killed when the other party gets time to breathe.

Aiyah. Actually, I was typing happily when I realized it may be a spoiler. Especially so when the movie is still pretty new....

Ok! I shall skip the entire movie summary and go straight to my verdict then. :P

I like Nicholas Tse's character in the movie the most, from how meek he was to how equally ruthless... and then finally he was at a loss. Although he was an idiot at kungfu, I thought he fought pretty well!

I don't really like the ending though... And if you know me, you'd know why. If you'd like to find out why, highlight the text below.

[I don't like good people dying!]

To watch? You should, but maybe a weekday ticket.


Ok! I got to run! It's dinner time with my husband again. The time that I look forward to the most every single day. :)

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