The Long Weekend

Sunday, January 02, 2011

So how did your New Year celebration go?!

Nian and I spent the countdown at home, complete with some easy-to-make pasta, mushroom soup and honey ham omelette.

Of course, we whipped out the Sparkling we bought from Perth just a few months back, and with a whole lot of movies, 2010 came to an end rather quickly!

Nian also brought us to the Botanical Gardens, which was real fun. :D

It's been a long time since I was there for my Young Botanist badge in Primary school... :p

We roamed around aimlessly while I busied myself with taking very emo lomo shots. :p

There were a couple of nice "sections" in the Garden. For example, I really liked the Ginger Garden, the orchids plantation and the little colonial looking shelter erected everywhere (picture above!)!

The Friends in The Garden.

Somehow, this whole sentence sounded so much more poetic in French, don't you think so?

Walked through the waterfall... Beautiful. :)

Caught this trumpet-looking flowers at the bonsai area. Nian was so amazed by the bonsai plantations, he said it looked like actual trees in miniature size.

And it scares me to realize... Hell yeah. They all look like mini trees, complete with a tree trunk, branches and leaves, growing in a pot, omg! (extremely bimbotic comment, maybe.)

Obligtory self-shot, hahaha!

And because I'm always craving for those yummy sushi and sashimi, the husband brought us back to Sun with Moon, the restaurant we celebrated Christmas last year.

The Wheelock outlet have since renovated. I like the outlook- cleaner, brighter and more spacious.

But some patrons think the restaurant now looks like a foodcourt! Fuck SwM's life.

Also ordered the Tofu Cheesecake, which is a MUST-ORDER! It was so good, nian said, "How come you haven't been baking anymore?"

He must have missed the horrible cheesecakes I make. Heehee.

To end off the post, here's my first Outfit of the Day (OD) for 2011. I'm trying to maintain this mini segment so that I can feature the awesome clothes my wonderful blogshops have sponsored me, so look out for more coming up over the days!

Starting off with the usual advertiser, this is the studded dress from Amelie-Anne.

Ok! Gotta run, enjoy the last day of your long weekend, y'all! :)

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