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Thursday, January 06, 2011

***Post edited with more photos!!***

Over the weekend, Nian and I went hotels-hopping. It was a weekend of gathering, good food, nonsense, guitar-heroing.... :D

Took loads of photos with the X'mas tree, since we were still in jolly spirits. ;p

A buggy actually drove us to our little one-bedroom villa, complete with an outdoor jacuzzi!

OMG can I say I love the hotel????? Thanks for all the trouble, Sandra!

It's so serene, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, has a four-poster bed (I love four-poster beds btw!)... and an outdoor jacuzzi. *squeals*

I didn't take this picture by the way, I took it from Trip Advisor because the photo I took sucked. :(

Here's the image of the exact four-poster bed I laid on and refused to get up after that. ;p

Took photo on the bed....

Played Guitar Hero on the bed....

Btw, I love the Hotel California so much I sang it THREE TIMES! (Also cuz I couldn't sing the rest of the songs in the Rock series la.....)

Grinning and sticking my tongue out cuz I missed a few notes! This is also the first time I hear my husband picking up the mike and sing! Oh how precious is that moment.......... :)

After which, we rode down to....

Image from No Expectations. (Given that they have no expectations, they certainly must have been blown away by the grande of the building!)

Oh, if you still didn't know where we went, it's Marina Bay Sands!

It's my virgin trip there, by the way!

Us hanging out at the lobby before going up to the room~~~

Photo credits to my colleague, Anderson, and we were there to help Joyce celebrate her birthday.

And I honestly didn't think that the Sky Park is overrated. It's so beautiful I would LOVE to go back up there!!!

And we took a lot of photos. And me, being me, ended up looking really comical. *sighs*

Hello! I see you!

I love everything about this picture. My hubba in his new shirt, my new hair colour, my skin, my pearl ribbon ear studs... and my big round face. I LOVE IT!

Act chio fail. Looked ridiculously fat instead fml.

There are more act chio but fail pictures, but I decided to Quality Control a bit and not post it up. I don't want people to comment that my friends are ugly/fat/gay/act stylo/(insert your own degrading adjective)!

I ugly and fat can. My friends, cannot. They are all chio one.

There was also a balcony which overlooked to something not so completed yet, but I think the view will be magnificent in time to come!

In the meantime, why not you guys marvel at my husband's ridiculously white teeth? I swear I didn't even photoshop those pearlies AT ALL. (Actually, I usually don't photoshop him. WTF he has matt skin and is skinny. What else to perfect?!?!?)

Here's the view, caught on low shutter speed.



Apart from hotels-hopping, I have also subjected myself to an insane amount of ghost stories!!!!

I dunno why I make myself go through that also. T_____T

Ok, so I know some friends and readers want to know the stories I've heard, so here's few to shareeeeee!!

Ok maybe not a few. Maybe just two. ;p (what! I will feel scared telling also you know!)

So once, let's call my colleague M. M was a shift-worker before he found this current job. He needed to work a couple of night shifts per week, basically handling complains etc.

One night, M was with his ex-colleague when they attended to a complain. While the ex-colleague was speaking to the complainant, M was inside the car, taking down report. He suddenly had an insane urge to look to his side, where there was a tree.

As soon as he turned around, he saw this little girl, dressed in pajamas that were slightly bloodied, standing by the tree. His heart skipped a bit, but he calmed himself down because he was kinda used to seeing these kinda "appearances", albeit he doesn't like it at all.

When he turned around for the second time, he realized the girl was no longer by the tree.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he went back filing his report on the complain when he realized.... the girl was peering into the car, right beside him!

Something like that but imagine a really pale face and bloodied pajamas, fuck his life.

He then had such a shock he had to grab his partner into the car immediately, and sped off, leaving the complainant totally bewildered.


Ok, I will owe you guys the last one because ah, because... it's almost 8PM and I'm in office. All the people in my department have left already (so much for saying I am not doing OT!), so I AM SCARED NOW.

And because I am scared now I will leave immediately and I will

(Will continue this.... tomorrow. Late liao. I AM STILL SCARED. I left the sentence hanging because I was too scared to continue HAHAHAHA ok liddis that's all bye!)

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